High School Math Teacher

Khadija Elabbadi 7/8

Career Details

Duties and Responsiblities actively instruct students, create lesson plans, assign and correct homework, manage students in the classroom, communicate with parents and help students prepare for standardized testing. prepare for graduation and college entry exams. Average work hours 37.75 hours per week, working from 7am till 4pm. The salary for a High school teacher is $54,580 a year

Educated Needed

-have a high school diploma or GED
-have at least a bachelor's degree
-complete an approved teacher training program
-complete a student teacher internship
-pass a state licensing exam

Skills Required

-Excellent interpersonal and communication skills





-the ability to teach more than one thing at a time

-Have a comfortable appreciation for keeping a schedule.

-Be firm fair and consistant with the students.

Job Outlook/ Growth

-High School teacher job outlook is 7% slower than usual.

-Projected to grow by 12% through 2016

Advancement Opportunities / Related Jobs

Exceptional teachers with advanced degrees may advance to supervisory positions after some years, but the average teacher stays in the classroom. Periodic raises usually depend on the school district budget and union negotiations.