British Columbia



British Columbia has long ,hot summers and short ,cold winters.

July is the warmest month of the year. But January is one of the coldest months of the year.


The Wood ducks ,trumpeter swans and snow geese are the most common animals.

Two other common animals are the oak anda and the western hemlock.

There are other important animals that the western people.

Living off the land

British Columbia's Potash went to the survival days. And to celebrate births or special -

occasions they dance ,tell stories and sing songs.

People moved from place to place to eat and survive.

Salmon , Farming and Poluion

Salmon is a great meal to eat and British Columbia loves it.

They catch all fish bye net or fishing rod.

some fish are also caught in the wild.

People / 1 short fact

2001 is when British Columbia had a population of 4 101 579 That is a big increase in more

than 100 years and the people are suprised

Fishing and cranberries / 2 short facts

British Columbia has lakes and rivers that are great for fishing in.

There are billions of cranberries in British Columbia.

Nature & Wildlife Viewing in British Columbia
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