Wankwa- Hawaii

Wankwa is the place you want to be

Wankwa veiw

Wankwa is on the coast of Hawaii. Wankwa has low elevation, and lovely weather all year long. Wankwa has a one of a kind veiw of the beautiful Hawaiin ocean.

Living, Job, and recreation

Do you love being out doors? Then we have jobs for you: fishing, crab fishermen, ferry boat operator, and tour guide, or if you whant and indoor job like restauranter, nurse, and a doctor. That's enough about jobs. Lets talk about fun; there are lots to do such as surfing, scuba diving, hiking, hand gliding, and bungee jumping.

Plants, landscape, people

The green plants are good to sleep under, and a rich wild life on Wankwa. Warm sand is lovely to lay down on. Big mountains are good for hiking and camping. Flat grass near the water is where the towns square is. There are no volcanos near Wankwa so no need to worry. There are 184 people in Wankwa, but the people who are here love to see new visiters. We have only had one crime ever and that was 5 years ago, and no it was not murder.

The view is magestic!

Here is the one of a kind view of Wankwa
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I bet you wish this was you!

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