How They Croaked Albert Einstein

Albert Einsteins

Who Was Albert Enisteins

Albert Einstein was a molecular physicist who lived in Germany in his early years before leaving to America and uncovering the mysteries of energy. He was also the man who uncovered many things about how the universe and everything in it interacts

Brief Historical Background

During the 1940s WWII was beginning forcing all Jewish immigrants out if Germany to avoid the holocaust. It was during this time that a Middle Ages man sat at a station waiting for a train noticed the world moving around him he closed his eyes slowly and everything began to slow down with it, he the recorded his experience as the Theory of relativity. This would lead to multiple findings as well as the e=mc equation for nuclear energy


Aortic aneurysm

Definition: A heart attack where the main aortic passage is ruptured


Definition: A hypothetical inquiry that has been tested and can be proven


Definition: A person who studies the way things interact in the universe


Definition: Is the state where two or more things are comparable to dictate another state


This was about 70 years ago when the industrial sector of the world was beginning to grow with the flow of new ideas in the scientific community.

Albert Einstein died of an Aortic aneurysm or Heart Attack, which is when a major blood vessel or artery ruptures causing damage to the surrounding area.

Medicine Today

How he would have been treated today would have been differently, first off he would have been rushed to a hospital immediately and kept under skilled supervision. Secondly they would have began a surgery to replace and repair the damaged tissues.