Felicia's Arbonne Spring Favorites!

Must Have's for the Season

One Year In and Haven't Looked Back!

I began my Arbonne journey exactly one year ago and haven't looked back since. Sure there were times when I didn't meet my goal or I got a bit discouraged, but never once have I doubted my decision to become a Consultant and grow a team with a company that I truly believe in. I have never felt or looked better than I do today- and so much of that comes from knowing that I am on the right path. I started to declutter (it's a work in progress)- starting literally with removing toxic products from our cabinets but also streamlining how I spend my time. I am surrounded by the most inspiring and positive people and have had the opportunity to learn so much about myself. Here's to a healthy and happy 2016 full of health, wealth and all things that lift and inspire!

Arbonne Nutrition

Many people ask me what my nutrition regimen is and how I balance my love for cooking (and eating) with my desire to be healthy. I've been using our nutrition products for a year now. While I absolutely LOVE the entire Nutrition line, there are 3 products that I think have made the most significant difference. CLICK THE PHOTO TO LEARN MORE


Step 1: Sea Salt Scrub to exfoliate all dead skin cells for a perfectly even and flake free tan!
Step 2: Arbonne's Liquid Sunshine Self Tanner Lotion - Apply for desired color.
Step 3. Firming Body Cream - Make your tan last long and keep your skin looking firm and supple!
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I have found that when you are organized and have healthy choices at your finger tips, then healthy is what you will choose. Don't buy the junk and stay away from processed foods as much as you can! Your body and mind will 100% thank you!
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Ashley Rudiger is one of the VP's on our team. She has been in Arbonne for 5 years and has replaced her income as a leader in Arbonne. She is now able to spend more time with her family and prepare for her second baby which is on the way. Take 15 minutes and hear from her why Arbonne is a game changer.
Sneak Peek into Building an Arbonne Business


In less thank a week i'll be surrounded by more than 17,000 like minded individuals from the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Tawain and Poland-for Arbonne Global Training Conference and NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH. I am beyond excited! Every year at this time we learn about the products for the season (last year it was our Phyto Sport Nutrition line, lipstick, and sun care). There is a ton of speculation about what it could be this year. I'll keep you posted!
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