Lexie, Leah, Shyla. Period 4. November 5th

The Myth

Cassiopeia was the beautiful wife of Cepheus ( the king of Ethiopia), and the mother of Andromeda. She is the most popular in connection with the myth of her daughter Andromeda. Cassiopeia made the mistake of talking highly of herself that she was more lovely than the Nereid, or Juno herself. The Goddess where needless to say, rather insulted. The Goddess went Neptune ( God of The Sea) to complain. He sent a sea monster. It could of been possible that it was Cetus to destroy the coast. The king and the queen where demanded to sacrifice the daughter ( Andromeda) to appease Neptune's wrath. They would have done so had Purseus not arrived to kill the monster in the short time. As a reward the hero was able to Marry Andromeda. Cassiopeia was quite happy with the match. In some other myth's the queen was rejected (did not like) the marriage.

About the Constellation

Cassiopeia is visible all year around. It is the clearest in early November.

The constellation is made out 5 stars that shape a W. It is named after the queen Cassiopeia. Its opposite of Ursa Major. The four stars out of 5 are brighter than magnitude ( Another constellation.)