Come visit Tabard Inn at Southwark

Starting & ending point for pilgrims traveling to Canterbury

Journey to Canterbury to reach your dreams!

Many people would come travel to Canterbury in groups just as you see in the picture here to the right for various different reasons. Some people believe that traveling here will grant them peace others take the trip on holy missions to pray and some embark on the journey just for adventure. No matter what the reason, you're in for a treat because if you're on your way to Canterbury you better believe once you get back you'll have plenty of tales to tell.

Come stay a night at our Tabard Inn!

Whether on your way to or from Canterbury you'll need a place to lay your hat for a night to rest. You can do just that at the Tabard Inn! Enjoy a hot meal and a soft cot to sleep on. You can also hang out in the bar hall and listen to some fellow travelers stories and tales or just wind down whilst having a drink and listening to a bard entertain you with some jolly jingles.
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Worried about safety...

If you're worried about how safe it is at the in you have no need to fear. We always have healthy honorable knights on stand by for protection against thieves murderers and any other type of criminals that could come lurking in the night. This Inn is for your enjoyment and safety not to get you killed. This is the safest place you can stop on your way to Canterbury and it's the finest place as well. So happy traveling and make sure to come stop by Ole' Harry's Tabard Inn!
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Here are some of the world renown food we serve at this Tabard Inn!

Food of the Middle Ages

By: Calvin Laskey