Health Guid

Matthew Moore


Do you want to be healthy? Then you should follow Nutrients,Dietary Guidlines and Food Labels.Sometimes people complain that they feel bad because there unhealthy. :)

All About Nutrients

There are six different nutrients on the plate. Carbohydrates is your body main energy and there are two important groups of carbohydrates in different foods. Kids and adults needs carbohydrates for a reason. Fat can be found in oils,meats and a hole bunch of other stuff. If you never ate fat you need too stop playing madden and eat some fat because you can die from not eating fat! Unlike the other nutrients water don't supply body with energy. Water is the most important nutrient of them all. :)

Secret Dietary Guidlines

You should follow the Dietary Guidlines to eat better. You should eat about 6oz of grain every 2 days. Try not to eat foods and drinks with a lot of surger. Eat nutrients to stay healthy. Keep dairy cold such as milk. Eating to much salt can give you a 65% of having a heart attack some day. If you are a kid you should atleast play for a hour every day. Eat foods not with a lot salt like pretzels,popcorn,crackers and peanuts. Try not to eat surger all the time because you can go overweight and you don't want that.Choose foods that don't have a bunch of fat. That is why you should follow the Dietary Guidlines. :)

Corndog Food Labels

Do you know about food labels well i'm about to tell you.The first thing you need to look at on the food label is the serving size. On the labelit says how many cups you should eat and if the food label says 5g of surger it is okay but if it is over 5g your in trouble. Dirtary fiber is healthy on the food label and every single package food has a food label. Look for the protein section onthe food label because it is really healthy. You should watch out for trans fat and saturated fat on the food label because it is very bad.Vitamins A,B,C and D is healthy on the food label. Above the black line it tells you the total calories. Now you know all about food labels bye. ;)


You can see being healthy is important because you can faten up. Rember the Nutrients,Dietary Guidlines and Food Labels. :)