Ms. Tiffany's First Grade Class

April Newsletter

About me....

  • My name is Tiffany Chao.
  • Sugar Creek Kindergarten teacher
  • I am originally from Taipei, Taiwan, and I have been in Houston for three years. I have taught Chinese since 2006. I used to teach in Giraffe School from 2006 to 2011 in Taipei, Taiwan. Now, I am a full time student in University of Houston, and also a piano and Chinese teacher in ICC.
  • I have learned piano for over ten years and Chinese Koto for six years.
  • I have a great passion in education and hope to influence the next generation. Therefore, my primary goal is that my students LOVE to learn, and become lifelong students.

Classroom Rules - S.M.A.R.T

Classroom can become better learning environments when teachers have rules, and a belief that all the children can be successful. Classroom rules help to create a predictable atmosphere. Thus, classroom rules can limit classroom disruptions and encourage students to have self-control.

Below are miss Tiffany's classroom rules:

S - Say please and thank you.

M - Make friends and be thoughtful.

A - Arrive on time, prepared, and ready to learn.

R - Respect yourself and others.

T - Try your best.

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My Wild Thing 1

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The Worm Song

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