The Roaring Twenties

The Jazz Era; Full of innovation, trends and a changing U.S.


During the Jazz Era the advancement of technology skyrocketed. New creations such as the vacuum refrigerator, radios, and the Model T were extraordinary achievements. The Model T left a lasting impact. People were now able to travel where they want and when they want by their own means, giving people, mostly women, a significant amount of freedom. Henry Ford mastered the idea of a assembly line to create his Model T. Products were now easily and cheaply made, lowering the price; helping to create an economic high in the U.S.


As churches, women, and other fanatics pressed to approve the 18th amendment, it was finally ratified in 1919. The amendment was intended to help stop absences in factories, create more family time, and increase moral standards in the people. In respond to this the mafia was created. Illegally selling liquor, the mafia raked in millions of dollars because of the peoples' want and desire for alcohol. The 18th amendment was finally nullified by the 21st amendment.


The Jazz Era had a distinct style to it. Jazz music, obviously, was on the rise, becoming a large part of the culture. Jazz bars were created with live music and dancing. Motion picture films were also becoming very popular and a new way to entertain people. Books about the war were very popular along with modern novels created by authors like Ernest Hemingway. The trends for women changed drastically. Short hair, higher hem-lines, and a lot of makeup defined the women's looks, and created the name "flappers".