"Inspiring Greatness in Tomorrow's Leaders!" 1-9-15

Think Win Win, Synergize and Yee-Haws!

Dear Staff,

Last night Ellen, Dawn, Cara, Angie, Stephanie, and Julie Norby presented at the Board Meeting on STREAM and Technology Integration. I am so PROUD of the things that EACH of you are doing to develop the four Cs and Life and Career Skills in our students. How wonderful it is to see all of our students so engaged and excited about learning. I was thinking, students are rarely disruptive in the ways I used to see in classrooms. They are too engaged in collaboration, creation, and excited about what they are learning and doing to get off task or distracted. You are touching lives in very profound ways!

All of you are making Solana Ranch a great place to teach and more importantly, to learn!


Yeehaws to:

  • Ellen, Dawn, Cara, Angie, Stephanie, and Julie for presenting last night. I am in awe of the great things each of you are helping bring to our school and students.
  • Dr. Lynch, Terry, Julie, Carlos, Caroline and the Board for supporting our schools with TOSAs and so many great resources to help our students receive the very best!
  • Nora, Gabby, and Dawniel for synergizing about pathways to take for ingress and egress of students in am, recess, and lunch. I love the way everyone is working together to continue to make our school run smoother! Thank you Nora for coming to Leadership to share!
  • Jojo for attending the Board Meeting last Night
  • Brittany Reichert for organizing the canned food drive for our school beginning on Wed. Jan. 28th
  • Call of the Hawk Student Newspaper - Thank you Dawn for your help in publishing this great student paper
  • Neva, Tabor, Dawn, Lisa, Debbie, Katie, Jessica, Judy, and Shiela for your preparation and input on the Light House Team.
  • Dawn and Crystal for assisting with the Leadership Council meeting today
  • Coach Combs for helping run the soccer tournament and planning a hockey tournament for our 4-6th graders. Kids are having fun!
  • Bix, Dawn, Shaina, Jessica, Judy, Shiela, and Jordan for attending the 2 day certification training for the 7 Habits. They can now train new staff and anyone else!
  • Terry, Brittany, Shiela and Nora for participating in our first Learning Walks with teachers at SV and SP. This is one of the best ways to share best practices around the district!
  • Julie and Terry for making these Learning Walks with teachers a possibility!
  • Jennifer for her efforts to grow the lunch math club. Your leadership is so appreciated!
Another Great week at the Ranch! Go Hawks!

Begin With the End in Mind (Formally known as "Education Corner")

How Educators Can Assist Learners in Developing a Growth Mindset - See graphic below
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Put First Things First

  • Bell Schedule Adjustment: 1st-4th grade's lunch will begin 5 min. earlier at 11:45 and end 5 mins. sooner at 12:30 to help with the transition 1st-3rd graders leaving and 4-6 graders coming to eat. This will start Tuesday.
  • Staff Meeting on Wednesday - Angie will be sharing ideas for having students to reflect in their learning; which may be a great way for students to do leadership notebooks next year
  • School Walk Through - Thursday
  • 7 Habits App. - There is a great app. that will help each of us live the 7 Habits. Its free too! It's called Living the 7 Habits App. For session ID put: habits89
  • The Get Moving Challenge - Jan 19-Feb. 27th
  • Sharpen the Saw Get-Together: Jan. 23, 3:30 @ Devanti
  • Lisa Campbell doing Lucy Calkins PD at Skyline Jan. 22 @3:30
  • Treasures Theme 3 - When you're team is complete and your scores are scanned in, we'll review and look for how our students are doing.
  • MAP Testing - Our second round of testing will start the week of January 19th
  • The Great Kindness Challenge - Jan. 26-30 Information to come

Enjoy your 3 day MLK Weekends!

Who Am I?

  • I like to exercise - yoga and cross fit are my favorite
  • I have two dogs - Hana and Stella
  • I could eat dark chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • I am a San Diego Native

  • Answer: Sue McFarland

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