Pat Tillman

By Brian Boehm

Where Men Win Glory

Tillman was a hard-hitting safety for the Arizona Cardinals. He started his college career as a linebacker for Arizona State University in 1994, when he secured the last remaining scholarship for the team. Even though he seemed small for the position, he was a lot tougher than the average football player. In 1998, Tillman was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals. He was the 226th overall pick in the draft and he had so much loyalty to his team and teammates. Tillman started in ten out of the sixteen games during his rookie year, which is why he was very important to his team. After the September 11 attacks, Tillman was offered a $3.6 million dollar deal over the next three years. Tillman refused because was willing to enlist into the United States Army.

Jon Krakauer touches on the interviews with Tillman's loved ones and soldiers who served alongside Tillman and others. His family was distraught but they could not of been more proud of Pat Tillman. He did something that others would never do and that was to give back. All soldiers deserve a a lot of respect because they are putting their lives on the line to fight for their country and their people. The fact that Tillman gave up that contract worth millions of dollars to fight for his country is remarkable. Tillman was driven by complicated, emotionally charged, sometimes contradictory notions of duty, honor, justice, patriotism, and masculine pride. These traits helped Tillman do his service.

On April 22, 2004, Tillman shot in eastern Afghanistan and died. His famous story began to get more and more popular all around the world. The errors that led to Tillman's death were all operational and tactical. The responsibility for these mistakes must be placed on the men making decisions under stress. A couple weeks after his death, his family have learned that they have lost a loved one, and they were devastated. As more evidence was revealed, the military has revealed that Pat Tillman was shot by "friendly fire." Though he was a hero to most, some might say he was a bully. A rumor states that Tillman beat up an innocent man in a pizza parlor but no one knows for sure if it is true. There are also many more rumors. But joining the army is one of the most selfless things one could do.

In this biography, Jon Krakauer will bring you inside the story of Pat Tillman and make you feel that you were there right beside him. Krakauer states “Pat Tillman was special. He was a man of principle…a once-in-a-lifetime kid.” It is situations such as these where Tillman’s true character emerges. As the biography goes on, you start to feel empathy towards Tillman and start to understand why he did the things that he did.