Mrs. Kennedy's Friday Letter

February 12, 2016

To the world you may be just one person, but to one person, you may be the world.

-Brandi Snyder

A peek into our week

We enjoyed visiting the 3rd and 4th grade Time Line, having a Valentine's Day party, and even a little snow this week. Now, who's ready for Spring and where is that crazy groundhog?

A BIG thank you to Mrs. Brandenburg and all her party helpers. Our party was so much fun!

Science - Simple machines are all around us making our work easier - even on the playground.

Thank you for everyone who signed up to bring in items for upcoming Science Experiments!

Soc. Studies - Unit on Tennessee

Math- We introduced the chapter on fractions and will continue this next week.

Bible - We only touched on our study of Gideon and will also continue this next week.

ELA - Break Out at the Bug Lab was our book during Book Club.

-Our Penguin Reports are done and they did a fantastic job. Now it's time to create our Did You Know Bubbles and make life sized penguins.

AR and Math Facts

AR and Math Facts- Please try to work on these at home. Remember the goal for reading is 20 minutes a night. And it only takes 2 minutes to practice Math Facts at home. I promise it will make a big difference!

Do you have 30 minutes to an hour each week to help with Math Facts in a Flash? I need someone to work with individual students using flash cards for Math Fluency. Let me know if you can help- thanks:)

Upcoming Dates

Feb. 15th - No school

MTCS/MTSU Math Night - Thursday, Feb. 18th 5-7pm

Please make plans to bring your family to Math Night. This new and exciting event will be a fun way for students to enjoy various math activities and games, presented by local MTSU students.

**All students who attend will earn a fun filled "game time" on Friday afternoon. We hope to see you there!