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We're So Excited To Be Dancing With You This Year!

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Remembering Why You Love Dance!

Many of us eat, breathe and sleep dance, and we can lose sight of the beauty and passion that drew us to the art form in the first place. Do you remember the first time you knew you had to dance? Perhaps it was in the grocery store or in your grandmother’s living room. Do you remember the first time you watched dance or saw a live performance? I still leave the theater wanting to dance down the aisle. Maybe you remember your first recital or costume. We each have our own love stories, full of joys, frustrations, disappointments and triumphs.

This article is dedicated to our love affair with dance and the many ways movement and dance inform our personal, not just professional, lives. Here are my 10 favorite inspirational quotes (with my take-a-ways) that make me fall in love with dance all over again.

To read the full article: Have You Forgotten Why You Love Dance? by Dance Informa

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We are a family-friendly dance studio that offers a Christ-centered environment. Dance at MKS is about using your talents, strengthening your body and mind, and building character.