Body Dysmorphic Disorder


A study of 200 teens with body dysmorphic disorder, published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, found that 78 percent had contemplated suicide, and 27.5 percent had actually attempted suicide.

5 Symptoms!

Physical symptom: Many people who have this disorder are known to constantly get cosmetic surgeries to change the way they look and try to boost self esteem for themselves.

Emotional symptom: People with this disorder feel as if they are misunderstood and judged. Therefore they are emotionally challenged and seem irritated or upset most of the times.

Social symptom: The person may try to avoid people by covering themselves up or by staying home for most of the time. This person may not want to go out much with friends and be seen in public.

Behavioral symptom: A lot of people with this disorder avoid mirrors on purpose because they fear to look at what they think is an ugly face.

Any other symptoms: Another symptom that comes with this disease is that many people feel pressured because of the media and try to get their body in a certain way.

Do you have any of these?


Micheal Jackson and BDD?

It is believed that Micheal Jackson had BDD. He has gone through so many cosmetic surgeries and was always particular about his looks. He eventually took an extra amount of pain killers drugs which led to his death.

link: BDDfoundation.org

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