Born 2 B Wild


exotic animals

When we get exotic animals they could hurt us or other people. They get mad at us and and hurt us badly.

list of reasons why you should not get an exotic animals

1. They could hurt you.

2. They could hurt someone else.

3. You could hurt them.

4. They may carry a disease.

5.You could get rabies

Is it Legal or Illegal

Its illegal to have non domesticated animals in our home in some states, However if you live in a state that does not permit exotic animal ownership you may be arrested if you have one. Remember this could hurt you or the animal.

How is the impact on the enviroment.

The impact is huge. you would be killing many more exotic species. the exotic animls are a part of an ecosystem.

What do the numbers say?

You should not own any exotic pets because the y could hurt other people and/or you. There are stories that a woman got mauled by a chimp.

What do the experts say

You should not own any other pets than domesticated ones otherwise they cannot adjust in time to there new home and you could get hurt.