Track and Field

Betsy Schreier


According to Encyclopedia Britannica, a “meet is of one-day duration... World championships are scheduled for eight days…” (2). Track and Field is defined as relating to, or being any of various competitive athletic events (as running, jumping and weight throwing) performed on a running track and on the adjacent field. Events can range from the 100 meter dash to the hammer throw. There are also wheelchair events. There are 25 events for men and a few less for women (Britannica 5). Male and female events are about the same. Women have the 100 meter hurdles while men have the 110 meter hurdles.


Seasons depend on the level of competition. The indoor track and field season starts in January and goes till March (Albuquerque 1). The outdoor season starts in March and ends differently depending on the level. High school ends at the beginning of June while Olympic athletes prepare all year round. Nickolas Velliquette,a sports reporter, stated, “There’s no rest for the weary” (1). As soon as the indoor season is done, the outdoor season is just beginning (Velliquette 1).


Workouts depend on the event the person intends to compete in. sprinters will have a different workout than throwers and distance runners. Usain Bolt does a lot of fast jumps and explosive movements (Cantor 39). It makes sense because he has to use fast, explosive movements to get out of the blocks. Long distance takes more endurance. Katie Dicker, author of “Exercise”, explains that “Olympic marathon runners like Smauel Kamau Wanjiru train for years to build up their stamina for the long race”(24).

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is an Olympic sprinter from Jamaica. He broke the 100 meter world record in 2008 with a time of 9.72 seconds (Cantor 35). Cantor, author of Usain Bolt, stated “it was only his fourth race at that distance” (35). He was starting his road to further success. He was the youngest fastest man (Cantor 35). The next year he shattered his record by setting a new world record of 9.58 seconds (Cantor 65). Bolt’s life wasn't always great though. He was born with a spinal condition, and was told he wouldn't make it as a sprinter because he was too tall (Cantor 10). He proved everyone wrong.


Track and field has evolved over time. Footraces have been taking place thousands of years ago (Takaha 357). It was the only event in the first Olympic games (Takaha 357). Outdoor games lead to indoor meets. The first indoor meet took place indoors in 1868 (Takaha 357). According to the World Book Encyclopedia, “During the 1950’s, athletes broke all previous world records except Owen’s 1935 long-jump mark” (358).

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