Online Safety

by Hunter

Protecting your online safety

While sharing certain info online is fine you have to be careful not to put out too much. Some people like to do nothing but stalk people online. People stalk other people to learn stuff to steal from them. Don’t give out any info on where you hang out or live. Many sites have a privacy policy, use it!!! Make sure that you can remember what a pass word is.

Defending from hackers

A strong password is the first line of defense against people who want to steal your info or impersonate you online. If you have a cell (cellphone) then you can lock it with a password when you are not using it. Make sure to have a strong password but not to strong that you can’t remember it. Change your password every 2 months. But i also think that some people are idiots who stay at home and hack peoples computers they should get a life!

E-mail safety

All big email providers have spam filters. Spam emails are ads from people and they want you to buy things or give personal info. If you get something that is too good to be true it is. No stranger on the internet will ever send you cash.

Cookies and Spyware

Cookies are sadly not baked goods. But things that hold bits of info about like what you password is and what websites you've visited. But you can get rid of theses if you go to your settings. When you get onto some websites they will install spyware on your computer. See what you do and stuff.

Age Restriction

Most websites have an age policy so you have to be 13 or older to join. Because they want to protect you from like bad words and stuff. Don't post stuff of you that you might regret later in life. Don't post stuff of your friend and you friend didn’t give you permission. But if you do post something accidentally there are steps you have to take.