Mission:San Luis Rey De Francia

Daniel Campos Sanchez 2016

Mission History

Mission San Luis Rey De Francia was built in June 13,1738. The mission was number 18th. This mission was built by the neophyte Indians. Founder of the mission was Fr. Frmin Franciso Lausen. In 1825, 2869 people lived at the mission, over three times the mission average. Important dates in mission history was the departure of Fr.Antonio Peyri, and the departure of Fr.Franciso Lausen. The location of mission San Luis Rey De Francia is in: Southern California on a hill overlooking a peaceful valley at the native village of taqayme in the region know as quencha, about five miles east of present day of Oceanside.

Daily life at the mission

At the mission the Indians and missionaries lived at the mission. At the mission they need to take care of their livestock and also need to help attend the crops so they can grow for their jobs. The Luiseno Indians did the jobs. Wheat, barley, corn, and beans were the primary crops that missionaries made. There was a school that the Indians attended to in the mission. At the mission there was a Roman Catholic Church attached to the Francisca community of San Luis Rey De Francia. The Indians worked six days a week,they worked in the fields or at a trade and the seventh was a day of rest and prayers. Each morning all Indians were awakened at sunrise by a church bell calling the Indians for church...and the work. After a noon meal there was a two hour rest before work began. After dinner the Indians sang, played, or danced.

Mission today

The mission is open today. At the mission there is services. The mission is open today with a public museum.


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