Hawk Highlights 2016-17

Horning Staff Bulletin: September 18th - 24th #1Horning

Contact Us

Bob Blessington, Principal 262-970-3310

Sharin Tebo, Associate Principal (A-G) 262-970-3311

Kenyell Floyd-Hutchins, Dean of Students (H-Z) 262-970-3450

Who do I contact?

Please click here to see a draft of the roles and responsibilities as it relates to our instructional, administrative assistants, and student services teams.

Horning Spiritwear!

Horning Spiritwear is now on sale. Samples will be available on Tuesday, September 20th, displayed in the office hallway. Please stop down to office to check them out! Various sizes are available as well as colors. If you have a particular question in regards to sizing; we will have a specification catalog to assist you. Two logo options are available in school colors or black and white.

An order form will be in your mailbox on Tuesday. Extra order forms are in the office as well as in the Staff Lounge. Please turn in your order form with a check, payable to Koenigs Pro Source or cash to Kay Tschurwald (Attendance Office).

You may also order online through www.Staffspiritwear.com. If you order online, please be advised there is a $3.00 processing fee.

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2016-17 Horning Middle School Grade Updating and Reporting Teacher Guidelines

It is expected that all students’ grades will be updated (at least every two weeks) so that students and families may see an accurate reflection of their child’s progress in Infinite Campus.

In order for them to get an idea of an overall grade, you will need to post a proficiency estimate at points during the year and declare a final grade at the end - you will also need to choose “Complete or Not Complete” for the Coursework Completions task at the end of a class. Click on the link below for specific due dates for grading periods:

2016-17 Horning Middle School Grade updating and reporting Teacher Guidelines

Please contact Nancy Roncke, Susan Inkmann, or Nicole Hurley with any questions.

Coaches Corner

Susan Inkmann and Nancy Roncke

One of Horning Middle School’s main focus areas in our Theory of Action is:

IF instructional leaders promote an environment for one another by providing ongoing support, time to practice, coaching, feedback, and resources, THEN collective efficacy will be fostered to create a culturally responsive, positive learning environment.”

This Theory of Action statement helps define our mission as effectiveness coaches.

Therefore, with the purpose of increasing student achievement, the coaching cycles will involve:

  • Observation

  • Collaboration

  • Collection/Analysis of Student Work and Data

We will each be working with 3-4 teachers at a time over a period of 2-4 weeks, depending on the coaching focus. Our goal is to support all teachers.

Below is a partial screenshot of our Collaborative Coaching Log. Please note the parallels between the Collaborative Coaching Log and the Plan, Do, Study, Act cycle of continuous improvement. The Collaborative Coaching Log will document our thinking and define our next steps. The log is always confidential between the teacher and the coach. It is never evaluative in nature.

We look forward to collaborating with you.

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Literacy Resources

Have you ever thought, "Man, I wish I had tons of literacy resources easily available for me and my students?"

Here's your answer: Horning Middle School has a literacy website, located @ http://hawkliteracy.weebly.com. When you bookmark this page, you will have literacy resources at your fingertips for both you and your students.

​Located within the "Important Literacy Resources" tab, are many websites that make literacy engaging and accessible to all students. For example, our Action Scholastic Magazine logins/passwords for students are located here. This online resource allows students to find a differentiated article just right for them, along with audio and video supports. There are hundreds of articles that bridge and connect all contents. These resources also provide a valuable home extension for our students and families.

Finally, my Google calendar has always been shared with all of HMS staff. If you are interested in co-planning or a demonstration lesson for your class regarding these resources (or anything else), please don't hesitate to send me an invite or to contact me via email or phone (*3490).

Thank you!

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Horning Hawk PLC Update and Learning-Action Required (Repeat Item)

In an effort to build up everyone's capacity in regards to the organization of the PLC Google folders and notes, we have created Quick Time screencasts to facilitate your learning where and when you need it.

Please complete the following two activities no no later than Monday, September 19th.

1. View the video(s) that cover a topic you may need more learning or skill development around.

***Videos found on our new HMS Youtube Channel.

To view the playlist, navigate to:

Bb9 Horning MS Staff Site / Teaching and Learning Resources / Professional Learning Communities.

The playlist is: PLC Learning Modules

2. Then, complete the information on this Google doc. The goal of this doc is to make everyone's collective learning/thinking visible to each other.

If you need assistance, please contact Susan Inkmann or Nancy Roncke.

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FREE BOOKS! I Wish My Teacher Knew


We are ordering 10 copies of the book, so if you haven't signed up yet, please do. You may be able to get a copy of the book for FREE!

Here's the link to sign up: https://goo.gl/forms/SSJhUBPYcCg5dPPr2

Talk with Sharin for more details.

Other Hawk News and Reminders

ATTENTION: Career Cruising Email

Teachers who have a S.O.A.R. advisory should be on the lookout for an email coming from Amy Lange, our CTE (Career and Technical Education) Coordinator either Sunday evening or early Monday morning with login credentials for Career Cruising.

Keep that handy & please don't delete it!

You will be logging on to Career Cruising during our Professional Learning session on Monday, September 19th.

S.O.A.R. Like a Hawk!

We are preparing for S.O.A.R. launch September 26!

S.O.A.R. means:


Opportunities for

Academic and career planning &

Real-world responsibility

More information around logistics and lessons is coming at our September 19 professional leadership and learning session. See any S.O.A.R. team member with any questions after our time together on 9/19:

Melissa Lance

Jeff Ludowissi

Kenyell Floyd-Hutchins

Brian Erdmann

Sharin Tebo

HMS Interdisciplinary Literacy Team

Please consider joining our HMS Interdisciplinary Literacy Team to help plan and deliver differentiated literacy professional development experiences to meet the needs of all our teachers. This team will also help coordinate our Family Literacy Nights for the school year.

Literacy Team meeting dates: third Tuesday, September - May, 2:50-3:50 p.m. in iCenter

Family Literacy Nights: 9/29, 12/15, 2/23, 5/11 from 4:30-5:30 p.m. in iCenter.

If you are interested in joining HMS' Interdisciplinary Literacy Team, please complete this Google form.

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Roncke @ 970-3490 or nroncke@waukesha.k12.wi.us.

Athletics and Activities Corner by Mrs. Tebo

Please remind parents and students about the Attendance Procedure for Co-Curriculars, as this is new. We appreciate your patience as we work through some of the logistics. You can see Kay or Sue with questions.

Below are some upcoming activities we're looking forward to.

All activities are 2:45-3:45 unless otherwise noted.

September 19:

Cross Country Practice

September 20:

Cross Country Practice

Flag Football

Jazz Choir

September 21

Cross Country Meet @ Greenfield Park 3:45-6:15

Flag Football

September 22

Cross Country Practice

Flag Football

Student Services Updates

Student Welfare Concerns and Emergencies

When there is a significant concern of the welfare of a student, please contact Angie Krueger at x1699 asap or email. If we do not make direct contact within half an hour, please contact Angie J., Stacey or Jeff.
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Professional Learning

REMINDER: Self-Paced TDP Offerings

Need Google support or getting started with Bb9?

Consider enrolling in one of the Self-Paced TDP Classes as opportunities to support your own PPG (Professional Practice Goal) and the Horning School Improvement Plan.

Details are below:

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REMINDER: 8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip

Teachers of 8th grade students - The informational parent meeting for this year's trip to Washington DC is on September 20th at 7pm in the Horning Auditorium. Please encourage students to look into the trip and see if they can participate in this unique opportunity. If they are interested, please remind them of our meeting. Please contact Dave Riley with any questions. Thank you!

Reminders from your Office Divas

Infinite Campus Info

If you have problems with your Infinite Campus, first check that you are in the correct year :) Believe me, it happens. Next, try clearing your History and your cache - IC is quite finicky at times. Then log into it again. Need help with clearing your history on a Mac?


If you have questions about IC, start with your department peeps, then your grade-level IC mentor: 6th - Clair Mitchell (Rm 226 most of the day), 7th (Rm 234) - Melissa Lance, 8th - Nicole Hurley (Rm 102). Sue MIller, Student Services Secretary, can also help with settings "behind the scene", or can get help from Lindholm.

This information came from Alli Poff at Lindholm:

The Middle School Grade book settings which were pushed out are:

Categories: Formative (Excluded from calculation) and Summative (Included)

Grade Calc: Proficiency Estimate is set to Power Law for the curricular standards

These settings are NOT locked and teachers can adjust them at will. MS Math teachers, Dan Pochinski is working to be sure you have the correct standards and setup. He will be sure to communicate these with you.

Video for NEW teachers or teachers who want to start the year fresh by adding all new assignments. (You do NOT want to copy any assignments from prior years)

Video for returning teachers who want to copy assignments from prior calendar years.

Emergency Contact Information

Please click here for the 2016/2017 Emergency Contact form. Please complete it by Tuesday, September 20th. Thank you!

Student Recognitions

Postcards (available in the Teacher Workroom in the office)

Three things staff must include on the postcard: your note, the name and address of the parent (the Waukesha Post Office won't deliver them over 70% of the time without the adult's name on it) and the name of the student, either on the line after the parent's name in the address or in the note that you write. Be sure to include the last name of the student if different from the parent so that I know who to log it for :) Once done, drop them off with Sue Miller, or have a student bring them to me so I can log them on the Student Recognition History. I'll then stamp and mail them.

Student of the Month - not always accepting responses!

At the beginning of October, and then at the start of most other months, I'll send an email letting staff know that the Nomination Form is accepting responses for a set amount of time. You have a deadline in order for me to then create the certificates, create the front-of-the-line pass, get them signed and get them delivered :) Remember - it's not one per teacher or subject anymore. Here are the groups who need to collaborate and choose one per group:

6th gr core, 7th gr core, 8th gr core, Art, Business, F/CS, TechEd, French, Spanish, Habitat/DL, Flight, Phy Ed and Music. That's 13 students per month total for the building. The first group to nominate a student "wins" if another group nominates the same student. I'll let people know to pick another if need be. Here are the pertinent links:

Student of the Month Nomination Form

Student Recognition History (view-only)


Most of you have noticed the extra wall space in the office by Michelle and Kay- that's because the huge brown shelving unit that housed your forms is gone. Most forms that were in it can be found online on the District's website. Forms that we use quite frequently can be found in the staff workroom, on the right side of the counter, in a small shelving unit. These forms include: time sheets, purchase requisitions, deposit slips, activity account check requests, in-district mileage reimbursement, and field trip request forms. If you need help locating a specific form, please see Michelle.

Background Check Reminder

Do you have a parent interested in volunteering for field trips? First, please check with Michelle to see if they have had a background check run in the last 3 years. If they haven't, they will be directed to the School District's home page, where there is a link to submit their personal information. You will be notified once the results come back. Since the vendor does a thorough check, to include other states, please have requests submitted at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled date.


Mailboxes are set up! The staff directory information sheets are in your mailbox. If you could please look at it as soon as possible, and return any changes to MIchelle O'Donnell by 2:30 on Monday.

This Week in History: Also posted on Master Calendar

September 21 : Wisconsin Day

Wonderful Wisconsin Week - September 18 to 24, 2016

In celebration of the assets that make Wisconsin a desirable place to live and work, the Wednesday of the third week in September is Wisconsin Day. The day falls during Wonderful Wisconsin Week, which is customarily proclaimed by the governor to celebrate the state's rich culture and resources. Enacted April 15, 1994, from the 1993 Laws of Wisconsin, Act 333.

September 23 : POW-MIA Recognition Day

Established to recognize those who suffered or suffer captivity in foreign countries while in active service with the U.S. armed forces. Celebrated on the Friday of the third week in September. Enacted April 24, 2002, from the 2001 Laws of Wisconsin, Act 100.

FLIGHT Academy

Flight is in need of a very large quantity of 2L and 1.5L plastic bottles for a science project.

Please bring any used bottles that you have to school, and send an e-mail to Lisa lalsch@waukesha.k12.wi.us with your room number if you'd like them picked up or drop them off at the Flight Academy. We do not need smaller plastic bottles at this time. Thank you for your help!

Board Game Club

Anybody interested in cleaning out their game closet? I am the new Board Games club advisor. I will take gladly donations of good quality board games that are appropriate for middle school students. If you have something to contribute, please bring it to 124C or let me know and I'll come pick up the games.


-Joy Herrell

The Horning Way Updates

We opened up the School store this Tuesday stocked with new items. Please remember to give out Golden-Tokens in your classrooms, and in the Hallways. As we focus on the Hallways and getting students to class on time please be out in the halls encouraging students with positive comments and be welcoming them to class.

We have added For the Good of the Group Bin for students who want to help others.

Please remind your students of this bin. 100 Golden tokens = 1 Winter coat.

As we do every year we are looking for staff who would be willing to:

Clean out-student lockers, eat lunch if selected as a favorite teacher, or volunteer to do an activity with students ie. playing soccer, playing basketball, an activity of your choice.

Please complete the doc. Volunteers Wanted

Remember the emphasis is on building relationships with students!!!

Our next Bi-Weekly raffle will begin Monday 9/19/16 and will end on 9/30/16 with the monthly drawing. Bi-Weekly Raffle 9/19-9/30

Hawk Safety Nest: Mrs. Floyd-Hutchins

The next Horning Drill(s):

Lockout and Classroom Hold: September 21st, @9:00 am

When participating in a Lockout and Classroom Hold a few things you should know:

Lockout Drill:

  • threat or hazard outside of the school building

example: criminal activity in the immediate neighborhood

  • No one can leave the building

  • An email will go out to all HORNING STAFF and you will be prompted via intercom alerting you to check your email for an important message

  • We will practice this way as well and the safety prevention is to keep anxiety down just in case there is a true lockout students do not become concerned or anxious

  • All people entering the building need to present ID

  • Attendance only needs to be taken if a class were outside and had to return inside for this drill (i.e. gym)


  • An all clear page will be given to end this drill

Classroom Hold:

  • Non-evacuating emergency situation in the building

    • A teacher slips and falls in the hallway and Emergency Response Team has been notified and in route to assist.

    • A student has a seizure in the hall and the halls need to remain clear for a period of time to assist student

  • An email will go out to all HORNING STAFF and you will be prompted via intercom alerting you to check your email for an important message

  • Any student on a current pass needs to be located at brought back to class as soon as possible

    • Stay present outside of the bathroom and escort them back to class, office staff can assist with this in the absence of a co-teacher

  • If someone is missing alert administration to locate the student

    • (missing does not include on pass) however if you need assistance retrieving someone on pass, the office staff can help

  • In the event the bell rings during a classroom hold, classes are NOT to be released, they should hold until the all clear is given.


  • An all clear page will be given to end this drill



Horning Safety Tip:

Students: iPads are an important part of our learning environment. It is a requirement for class, and it is necessary for all students to have them for all periods unless instructed differently. We have had a high level of damaged, lost, and damaged iPads already this year. As a school we have to monitor our usage with the iPads, care for them, and report any needed information to staff about any types issues that affected the use of our iPads. At no time is appropriate to loan out your iPads or take someone else’s for any reason. Let’s take care of our iPads and ensure we are using them appropriately to help make things easier in our learning environment.

***iPads are subject to search at anytime***

Staff: When considering our safety drills be reminded that the staff set the tone. Staff are expected to take all drills seriously and ensure students are doing the same. Communicate any safety issues that may arise. Thank you for your support in our Safety and Crisis Management Planning & Preparation.

Tardy Procedure Reminders:

As student tardies begin to rack up, please stick with the procedure and follow through on your part to contact parents/guardians & document. To instructional time, it's essential that you close your door and begin class at the start the period. Your efforts have made tremendous difference!

Teacher Classroom Managed:

1st Tardy - Verbal Warning by teacher. Tardy is entered into Infinite Campus by teacher.

2nd Tardy - Final Verbal Warning and phone call home. Tardy is entered into Infinite Campus by teacher.

3rd Tardy - Tardy is entered into Infinite Campus by teacher. Documented into Infinite Campus as a minor lunch detention served with teacher (or as designated by grade level team)

After 3rd tardy, repeat process from 1st Tardy

What happens when a student is exceeding tardies or is truant in multiple classes?

We have an attendance procedure that spells out what to do when a student hits 10 tardies or 5 truancies school-wide. Mrs. Tschurwald, Mrs. Floyd-Hutchins and Mrs Tebo have a system to monitor students' holistic school-wide attendance.

Other Hawk News

4th Annual Hawk Classic!

Volunteers Needed:

Not sure you want to run? We can still use volunteers! Please sign-up here to help us out at the event!

Please join us on Saturday, October 8th starting at 9:00 AM for Horning’s 4th annual Hawk Classic 5K race, 3K Walk, and 1 Mile Kids Run! This fun, family event raises money for Horning’s PBIS committee and goes right back to students. The race happens in the neighborhoods surrounding Horning. Race day registration starts at 8:00 AM in the Horning cafeteria. Every participant gets a T-shirt, and after the race or walk there is a cookout and a raffle with awesome prizes! Medals are awarded to top finishers in each age group and a trophy goes to the top male and female!

Click here for registration information.


Attention potential HMS Golfers!

Please fill out this (super-short) survey if you plan to join us for some Golf: https://goo.gl/forms/eVVjehmIjWg3WNHf1

Mark your calendars! The first HMS Staff Golf outing of the school year will take place on September 23rd after school. If you enjoy playing golf (even if you're as bad as me), look out for more information next week. We are planning on making this a monthly event for as long as the weather cooperates! Any staff member is welcome to attend, sign-ups will follow to gauge interest. Ask Dave Riley or Brad Kuntz if you have questions

Come one, come all!

You are invited to join Melissa Wiehr in her classroom (106) on Thursdays from 3-4pm for a WORKOUT DVD PARTY!! We will be starting this weekly gathering on Thursday, September 22nd and meet every Thursday (unless conflicts arise). Please bring workout clothes, tennis shoes, water (maybe sweat towel), and NO JUDGEMENT for my terrible coordination!! :) We will start with Shaun T's CIZE dvd's (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqIbhJWI9H4) and go from there! Contact Melissa Wiehr with any questions!

Sunshine Club


Please consider joining Horning's Sunshine Committee!! This group provides cards and gifts for major life events among our staff (weddings, babies, passing away, illness, birthdays, etc). We also provide the FRIDAY POPCORN in the teacher's lounge and plates and utensils at staff lunches and gatherings.

Rachel and Melissa have big plans this year for other surprises and would LOVE to have all Horning staff represented. If you would like to participate, please give $20 to Rachel Kozicke (Burgan) or Melissa Wiehr by Friday, September 30th (checks can be made out to RACHEL BURGAN or MELISSA WIEHR). Sunshine is one of the many traditions that Horning has...let's be sure to keep it alive and thriving! :)

Current Fundraisers

Have any fundraisers coming up? Please e-mail Michelle with the information. She will include in both Hawk Highlights and Hawk Nation.

She receives information frequently from different fundraisers. If you are interested in having information passed on to you, please let me know. This week, Michelle received information from:

  • Peel to Save
  • Save Around (similar to Entertainment Books, but costs less)
  • Popcorn Palace

News from Choir - Joelle Horn

We have been invited again this year to sing the national anthem at a Buck's game. The game will be again the Denver Nuggets on Wed. March 1st at 7PM. I have order additional tickets for anyone who wishes to come on down to the game and support us.

The tickets we are ordering for the students will be in the upper level sidecourt lower rows and will cost $30. Let me know if you are interested.

Entering a Major Behavior Referral in Infinite Campus

Please review the step-by-step directions below for the procedure to submit Minor and Major Referrals in Infinite Campus:



Some key things to remember:

  • Be sure to enter MINOR with the title, e.g., MINOR Classroom Tardy
  • Do not click on an Admin to notify for Minors; select "Staff Managed, Behavior" only
  • Do NOT use student names in the details; keep it vague "Student A was in a verbal confrontation with Student B"
  • Use only that student's name when you have selected "Add Event/Participant" and continue to use the vague terminology for the other student(s) involved:
  • Johnny was in a verbal confrontation with another student when...
  • Do NOT forget to Submit your Major referral if you wish for an Admin to see it and to resolve it.
  • Always call home or email the parent/guardian for a Major and for multiple Minors. This builds credibility and relationships.

My Learning Plan Educator Effectiveness Resources

Below are some resources that we went over and that were shared during the My Learning Plan & Educator Effectiveness orientation sessions held this week:

GT News - Sara Gagnon

This Monday, September 19th, Gifted and Talented students in ALL grades will be meeting in my room, 222, for their first GT seminar 7th hour.

They will be able to come back and receive any missed information/homework you need to assign. Just a reminder that GT seminars are required by the district. I need to meet with students a few times a year.

The following are the students that should be excused:

Ramos, Ava 6

Menzer, Lucas 6

Pizzala, Samuel 7

Buck, Asher 7

Coppinger, Kourtney 7

Howard, Jack 7

Kocorowski, Brandon 7

Liss, Mckayla 7

Mclemore, Danielle 7

Ruhnke, Kayla 7

Patel, Dhruv 7

Dunst, Carter 7

Homan, Alex 7

Berrong, Elijah 7

Knoebel, Ashley 7

Benitez Vences, Jose 8

Camacho, Gladysmar 8

Felde, Grace 8

Gasior, Olivia 8

Gilchrist, Leela 8

Kreisler, Jordan 8

Malone, Alex 8

Mitchell, Jack 8

Pacheco, Shala 8

Regner, Alex 8

Savelkoul, Ava 8

Strunsee, Kenna 8

Villarreal, Anthony 8

Wirt, Melody 8

Wolfe, Anthony 8

Urbas, Margaret 8

iCenter News

  • Thanks everyone for doing a great job in sending students to the iCenter with a pass. If you need another pack, stop by the iCenter and we will give them to you.

  • Library Orientation for Grades 6-8 are completed. All grades will soon be have a refresher course on how to access ebooks. I will be coming around to talk to content teachers so you are aware of the resources we have and how they can help you in your subject area.

  • Just a heads up! PLC’s start next week. I am part of the 1st period PLC's that will start on Wednesday this week. We are working to problem solve to make sure we have coverage so the iCenter can remain open during this time.

  • You should all now have your Favorite Book & your Favorite App posters. Please post these outside of your door in the hallway. This way students can see what your favorite app is and what you like to read as they walk by. Thanks for helping promote Literacy!
Hawk Nation

Click here for the latest family newsletter "Hawk Nation" from September 9, 2016

A Look Ahead and Action Items

Please check the Horning Master calendar for most update to information

9/19/16, Horning Professional Learning, 2:50 p.m. to 3:50 p.m.

9/19/2016 PLC's Module Due, complete google doc (see above)

9/20/16 or 9/21/16 Interdisciplinary PLC's Begin

9/22/16 Due Date for reviewing lockout procedures with your students (see above)

9/30/2016 Self Review due in My Learning Plan

10/3/16, Horning Professional Learning, 2:50 p.m. to 3:50 p.m. (SLO and PPG Launch)

10/10/2016, District Level PLC, 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

10/10/16, District Level PLC, 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

10/17/2016 Horning Professional Learning, 2:50 p.m. to 3:50 p.m.

10/17/16, Horning Professional Learning, 2:50 p.m. to 3:50 p.m.

10/20 and 10/26, Parent Teacher Conferences 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

10/27/2016 Professional Learning, 7:30 a..m. to 3:30 p.m.

10/28/2016 Non-Contact Day

11/7/2016 Professional Learning,, 2:50 p.m. to 3:50 p.m.

Hawk Shout Outs #1Horning

Help build a positive school community by showing some love by sending your shout-outs to Michelle O'Donnell for publication in the next Hawk Highlight.

SHOUT OUT to ALL STAFF and FACULTY for keeping learners moving in the hall ways as we institute a new tardy procedure. All hands on deck!

Shout out to Krista Krauter! Krista was named as one of 9 teachers to watch in an article about Personalized Learning through Knowledge Works. Check out the article here.

Huge shout out to Will Taege who created the FLIGHT learner profile!! The profiles led to some very powerful conversations at our conferences with our families. Our conferences were almost completely student-led because the students wanted to talk about who they are as learners and what they need to be successful! They also allowed students and parents to set yearly goals together with action steps! Thanks so much, Will!!

Shout out to Jill Waggoner for her work in putting together everyone's favorite book and favorite app poster. They tell us something about each other we may not have guessed or known!

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