Maria Palomba

Hello everyone!

My name is Maria Palomba ,and everyone in this school,students,and staff will describe me as thoughtful, intelligent,and that I have a great personality. I am really organized ,and if any student or staff would need help with organization or anything else I would love to help them. I posses listening to people for what they want to say,and while I listen I also comprehend their words.Everyone has something to say,and if no one will give them a chance to say what they want to say then you aren't a leader at all.I also posses having a positive attitude.I walk into the school doors with a big smile.Having a positive attitude with set your goal for a new year or even the year your in right now. Having a great attitude shows that you are a leader that can help anyone. What I love to do is try new things. Most leaders find a new way for a project,a book,or even independence. Look at Gandhi he thought of new ideas to get independence for not just him ,but for his country.


What I hope to gain from serving as a leader is I would love to gain experience from working with others like teachers and students.What I would also love to gain from being a leader is to get to know my peers and teachers in a new an helpful way. The most important thing I want to gain is to enhance my leadership skills.

About me!

My family said I am the musician in the family. By far they were right. I have been playing piano for one year without a teacher,and can play a many songs. When you hear that I'm a musician you think I am really girly,but you are wrong I play travel lacrosse for the D1 team for LB3. Which is a mix of Collins hill, Mill Creek,and Milton eagles. I am the third out of four Italian kids,so I have a huge family that loves to eat. My family is really loving ,and if anyone needs help with anything they with help.
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Mahatma Gandhi!

Mahatma Gandhi was a inspirational leader.He shows that he could do anything that requires a powerful message in a leader."My life is my message." Gandhi's quote shows that doing one thing as a leader doesn't always have to count as a message.All the things that you do like help others with food, clothes,and shelter all of our lives can show your message.