Staying in school

by Nayara Snyder


you get an education

you can get paid better

you can go to collage and get a degree

you are able to graduate

you can support a family

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10 sentences paragraph

Saying in school is a big deal when or if you drop out of school.It get harder to go about a realistic work day when you don't have the complete education that you need that you were supposed to get in high school or when you did drop out of school. When you drop out of school and when you get older and you try to find jobs it will be harder because you don't have that appropriate skill for that career. It will also be hard to find a job that can pay you well for what you do at work.It makes a big different in pay when you do have a diploma. in drop out it says that it is 4 times more likely for high school students to drop out of school then another grades and in Wikapida it says that Utah is the most kids to drop out of school.