We The People

Civilians Have The Power

Thesis Statement

Citizens should have power inside the government and the government officials and laws have to be approved by the majority of the community.


In “The lottery” and “Harrison Bergeron” the both governments had full control over all its citizens. These governments never listened to their civilians and were always right. The handicap laws were mandatory and so were the lotteries. When the citizens tried to intervene in the government they were denied or even killed like Harrison in “Harrison Bergeron”.

Quote and Analysis

Quote: "I am the Emperor!" cried Harrison. "Do you hear? I am the Emperor! Everybody must do what I say at once!" He stamped his foot and the studio shook” (Vonnegut 3).

Analysis: This quote shows that some of the citizens didn’t like the handicap generals and opposed it like Harrison. Not everyone in this community wants huge metal equipment and heavy bags on their heads and backs. It does not make everyone equal and the people should be allowed freedom.

Quote: "It isn't fair, it isn't right," Mrs. Hutchinson screamed, and then they were upon her” (Jackson 7).

Analysis: This quote is showing that Mrs. Hutchison doesn’t wasn’t the lottery anymore because its not fair and its not just. The lottery is a old and worn out tradition and should not be allowed anymore. It should be abandoned and forgotten. Some of the villages already stopped it because the people didn’t like it.


Furthermore, citizens should have control and have the right to the government. The citizens know better than the government because they are living in these places and are interacting with the communities. For the upcoming election I believe their should be more foreign relations and better government. I am most worried about out the candidates in the election because they are liars and only care about themselves.