Everything on Spread Sheets!

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If your having trouble adding and subtracting and finding out information for your spreadsheet, some easy formulas to help you are these..

If you want to find the sum of your numbers you ALWAYS type the equal (=) sign first. After that you type "sum", then (. After that you highlight all the numbers that you want to find the sum too and press enter in your cell box. It automatically finds the sum to you problem. Ex. =sum(

If you want to find the average you would do the same thing except type it like this.. =average(..

You can also find the maximum and minimum doing the same thing.

Format Data..(Currency, Percent, Adding background colors, ect.)

Here's a few shortcuts to help you out while working with spread sheets that are fast and simple..

If you want your numbers to have a dollar sign or percent sign.. you easily highlight your numbers and go to the top format bar, and click the dollar or percent sign.

If you want your spreadsheet to have different colors you click on the cell box and go to the top format bar. You go to the box that says background color and pick a color. The box right next to it allows you to change the text color.


Entering Data

Entering data is VERY easy. All you have to do is type in your numbers in the correct cell. You don't have to add the commas, percent sign, or dollar sign. That will fill in by itself. But you have to remember to add the period.

Chart Data

Spread Sheets don't just allow you to make a regular spread sheet.. but they let you make pie graphs, line graphs, and column charts. You go up to the format bar and click the last button which reads insert charts. You click on it and it allows you to pick a different graph and change the background color.

If you want to move your graph to a whole other page you simply highlight your information, go to the bottom of your page, click the drop down arrow, and push duplicate.