Are Gangs A Problem To The Comunity

By: Daniel Zamora

Why do gangs kill people

The holiday shootings follow a week in which Chicago had 52 shooting incidents, according to Police Department statistics. This year, as of June 29, Chicago police had recorded 880 shooting incidents, an average of nearly five a day

Public Safety

For people's public safety it's good to have police around the community protecting people from gangs because lots of people have been killed recently in Chicago.

Why do teens join gangs?

Most teens join gangs because some are poor and need money for food and shelter so they join gangs to make illegal money so they can support them selves.

Another reason why teens join gangs is to feel protected from other gang members.

For example those teens who have been abused join gangs to feel powerful enough to pick on others or feel like a bigger person they never were.


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