by Juwon Lee

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader" -John Quincy Adams

Leadership charecteritics

  1. Being Humble
  2. Determined
  3. Good at communication
  4. Optimistic
  5. Smart
  6. Motivational
  7. Adaptive/ be able to listen
  8. Trust worthy
  9. Self confident
  10. Integerty


I am a ISTJ.

ISTJ's as followers are: Trustworthy, want to do everything "by the book," may find it difficult to to talk about their emotions, and they value peace and security in the workplace. They also dislike brainstorming and theorizing, but enjoy putting ideas into practice.

ISTJ's as leaders are: willing to make difficult decisions, strongly opposed to breaking rules, and like having the responsibility and the power resulting from it. They are also very intolerant of their followers' failures, expect their subordinates to go above and beyond their duties, but may forget to praise them, and may dislike changes and innovations.

What kind of leader am I?

By my personality it seems as if I am an authoritarian leader. They tell what should be done and also how it should be done. Authoritarian leaders also sometimes make decisions without input from the rest of the group. This type of leadership works well in a time limit, or when the leader is brightest person in the group

Although, I feel so that I am more of a democratic leader. They offer guidance, but also help participate in the activity. Unless it's an activity I absolutely do not want to do then, I might be an authoritarian leader. I've had many experiences being a leader so I would know what I am by now. The picture below is the group of kids that were in my VBS group this year. When ever they did an activity I always did it with them

Big image

What did I learn?

From this leadership lesson, I learned about what really affected my life. I also learned about what kind of person I am. Along with that I learned what traits truly define a leader, and who could be considered a leader and who couldn't be. From learning this, I can use this to become an even better leader from learning from the bad parts of me and improving upon that.