Media Literacy

Myron Burton

The Importants of Media Literacy

I think media literate is being able to make a story and break it down to the public so others can understand it. Also being able to inform the public about something that goes on in their everyday lives. Another form of social literacy is social media. In the society we live in today social media is everything. For example, twitter, Facebook, myspace, instagram etc. The generation we live in today, anybody who’s somebody has a facebook or twitter and rarely a myspace. Every single one of these social media sites uses media literacy. For example, when you have to tweet you have to write. When you’re one TL (timeline) you have to read others tweet. As well as Instagram, when people are posting picture you have to use media literacy to read the caption of pictures to understand where they were, what they were doing or what the picture represents etc.

Wayne Williams finally released

After spending over 65% of his life in jail Wayne Williams’s was finally release on Friday march 21, 2014. Wayne Williams was convicted in 1981 on two accounts of murders during the “Atlanta child murders” in the late 70s. For over 50 years Wayne Williams has been pleading his innocent but nobody ever thought of appealing his case until earlier this year. There was never enough evidence presented in the original case” Wayne’s lawyer says. “Back in the 70s and 80s there wasn’t much technology that could help Wayne’s case. Today’s technology helps Wayne’s case tremendously. Wayne’s case was one of the most controversial cases to ever take place in Atlanta ever. Wayne’s lawyer recently stumbled upon some written letters between Wayne and his old ex-girlfriend. “Wayne was not even in Atlanta when some of these murders were taking place.” Wayne’s lawyer stated. The dates and addresses were essential in this case. Williams was living in Florida for majority of the time when the murders were taking place. 30 years ago these letters did not exist but recently his ex-came forward with these letters earlier this year. Over 40 letters were sent between Williams and his ex-girlfriend. William’s attorney was trying to prosecute his ex-girlfriend for withholding evidence but she died earlier this year. Williams’s mother is still alive at the age of 96. She plans to start a program for people that are being prosecuted for murder and other major crimes. She wants to make sure that nobody will have to ever go through what her son went through. While in prison Williams was abused by some of the staff and reports he wants some type of compensation for his mistreatment. Williams was awarded compensation for his mistreatment and all the time he spent in prison. He received over 17.3 million dollars for the time he served. Even though that is a lot of money Williams is ever old and many question if he is ever going to spend the money that was given to him. He plans to start a lawyer agency before he dies according to some sources. Williams also requested an apology from the Atlanta police department. Wayne plans to start a few boys and girl club for young black men and women across Atlanta. He says he want to give back to the community despite how he was treated long ago. Even though the case is long over Williams still wants to find the person responsible the Atlanta child murders. Williams has hired a investigation team to find the murdered, even if the murder is dead. Williams’s nephew vowed to find the killer if they haven’t found him by the time Williams dies. Unless Williams find the person responsible for the murders in Atlanta, The case shall remain a mystery forever.

Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire

“Eve of destruction” by Barry McGuire is an exact comparison to 1984. H Barry McGuire tells his listeners that he that destruction is upon them and that the government is lying. He speaks on how the government is hiding things and brain washing they’re citizens and soon it will lead to destruction of humanity. He sings about war and violence against the eastern world and he also sings about how children are a part of the party at such a young age. He sings about contemplating what is and is not the truth in history because the government continuous changes it. He points out the differences between the inner party and the outer party. He also sings about hate week and how everyone is an enemy toward each other because there is so much insecurity. Berry McGuire predicts pure destruction and anarchy of our governments because they hold to much power. McGuire believes the power should be handed back to the people before the world is destroyed due to the greed of power and land between governments.

Eve of Destruction(Lyrics)


Budweiser in the super bowl “BestBuds” commercial tries to indicate that if you drink Budweiser you will be very friendly, have a lot of friends and meet new people. Budweiser supports their product by showing examples of companionship between the puppy and the horse then the lady and the man toward the end of the commercial. Budweiser’s purpose in this commercial was to provide ways to start a friendship with other people in order to have a meaningful relationship with somebody. The authors writes a heart filled emotional tone for people to see there’s a way to make and amend friendships.

Smore # 7

I learn multiple things about the media in this class that I never knew. Media literacy has taught me that whatever you put out there on social media is permanent. And you have to very careful about what you put out there. I learned there is a permanent history “bank” that’s saves whatever you tweet for 7+ years and can be found at any time. I learned about advertisement and how business use advertisement to attract business. I also learned about “secrets” hidden in the government from the book in 1984. I learned that you really have to watch what you put out there on the internet because anybody and everybody can see it, especially government officials. I also learned how to how to write a précis and summarizes articles put and them into a small paragraph. Besides all those helpful things I learned a few things about myself in this class. Some of the assignments that we did made me look at myself as a person and made me relflect on who I am as a person. It made me realize my likes and my dislikes. This class made me think outside of the box in certain situation and made me get out of my comfort zone.

This class has prepare me for the future in multiple was. Writing and speaking wise. i can read or see some summarize it easily. I could not do that before this class. The final thing I learned how to do was write a satire article about almost ANYTHING. Media literacy ahas helped me in many ways. It was more than just a class and I am very glad I took this class before I graduate. Thanks coach Zopf!

5 word wordle

I can be described in many words. I’m very distinguished and mind strong. Whatever I set my mind to I will accomplish it. I am determined to be the best I can be at all things I do. I am relentless when it comes to accomplishing my goals. I am ambitious and will not be deprived of my goals. I am energetic when it comes to accomplishing my goals and being successful.