Mrs. Morehead's Weekly News

September 4th, 2015

Next Week

Since this weekend is Labor Day weekend, students will not have school on Monday. Tuesday is a Professional Development day for teachers, so enjoy your extra long weekend, and I'll see the students again on Wednesday. If possible, please send your student with one raw egg for a science experiment.

Snack/Birthday Information

You are welcome (but not obligated) to send snacks for celebrations and birthdays, but please be aware that we have students who have peanut/tree nut allergies in this classroom. Students will be receiving Friday folders today with weekly information, including a list of suggested snacks to send. We have 25 students.

Picture Newsletter created by our class reporters

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What are we Learning?

Students are working on building reading and writing stamina, and working on weekly letters about their reading. Students will be learning about the 6+ Traits of writing and the writing process to begin their first quarter writing project. In math, students are learning the principles of volume and how to find it. In science, we are continuing to learn about the characteristics of matter with experiments next week. We are really settling in to this year, and a lot of exciting things are happening! Look for more pictures next week!

Donations Needed

  • If you have any empty cardboard or tagboard boxes (rice boxes, cereal boxes, etc), please send them in next week. We will be building 3-D sculptures in math to practice finding volume.
  • Our gerbils love TP tubes or empty paper towel rolls. Send them in if you have them!
  • Mrs. Appling in the library has asked for some tools (screwdrivers & pliers) for a 'breaker' space. We have several old electronics that have been donated, but no way for students to take them apart yet.

Thank you!

MAP test scores are sent home today!

Look for them in a white envelope in your student's Friday folder.

Please sign the Friday folder and return it to school on Wednesday.