George Stephenson

Early Life

George Stephenson was born on June 9th in 1781, he was born in an illiterate and poor family and got a job early in life.
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Safe Mining Lamp

In 1815 Stephenson began experimenting with mining lamps because open lamps could be dangerous with flammable gases. by trial and error, he devised a system in which the air entered via tiny holes, and only a month before inventor Humphry Davy submitted his differed design. Stephenson was accused of stealing the design from Davy because he was not seen as an educated scientist.
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While Richard Trevithick is credited for designing the first realistic design for a steam locomotive. Stephenson designed his first locomotive in 1814, an engine designed for hauling coal. The engine could haul 30 pounds of coal up a hill at 4 mph, and Stephenson was said to produce 16 of these engines.
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George Stephenson was hired to make many other railways, including the first passenger railway as well as other rail engines along with them.
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I would not have thought steam engines were as popular as they were back in that time, and as effective as they were. I also think its pretty ridiculous that Stephenson was accused of copying Davy's design, even though they differed greatly.