Falcon Flyer

Weekly Notes for Staff February 20-29, 2016

Teaching and Learning the Falcon Way

Hurst Hills Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Vision: We’re the ones empowering students to achieve excellence!

Mission: As a Hurst Hills Falcon, I will soar to excellence by showing respect and responsibility, and challenging myself to reach my goals.

Core Values

1. Do what is right

2. Perform with excellence

3. Respect others


4 Pam McKenna: CKPK Assistant

5 Julie Miller: Fifth Grade Teacher

6 Christy Bassett: Second Grade Teacher

20 Judy Siebenberg: Second Grade Teacher

21 Terrilin Holz: Fourth Grade Teacher

28 Karen Boyer: Fifth Grade Teacher

Important Dates

February 22-March 2: Book Swap Collection Window (Rhonda Little Coordinator)

February 23: 5th Grade Reading DBA 1 Closed Campus

Sixth Grade Science CBA (2 day window)

Third and Fourth Grade Science CBA (1 day window)

February 25: Dollar Days: Crazy Socks (Do not have to wear shoes in the classrooms)

No staff Meeting due to half day Friday

LEAD HEB Informational Meeting 4:30 – 5:15 p.m. in the Board Room at the Central Administration Building

February 26: End 4th Six Weeks

Half Day: Noon Dismissal/Training 1:30-3:45

February 27: Cowtown 5K

February 29: Club Pictures in the Cafeteria 8:30-10:00

March 1: Primary computer lab closed from 12:00-3:00 for TELPAS Online Tutorials

Texas Primary Voting in the main entrance hall

Teacher Interest Survey due

March 3: College Colors and Report Cards go home

Intermediate computer lab closed from 12:00-3:00 for TELPAS Online Tutorials

Staff Meeting: Assessment Training

March 4: Spring Pictures/Class Pictures

CI Classroom Rubrics Due to Beth and Marie

CKPK Field Trip to Ft. Worth Zoo

March 5: PTA Book Swap Event at PMC (Saturday)

March 8: Third, Fourth, and Sixth Grades Reading DBA Closed Campus/No Specials

March 10: TELPAS Reading

Staff Meeting: Katelyn Lammons Baby Shower!

March 11: Dollar Days! Crazy Hair Day

TELPAS Holistic Ratings Due to Marie

Teacher Self Report Part 2 Due to Beth and Marie

Grade Level and Department budget request deadline to Laurie

March 14-18: SPRING BREAK

March 21: TELPAS Writing Samples Returned

March 22: Austin Field Trip Chaperone Training PM

March 23: Kinder Field Trip to Casa

March 24: Staff Meeting: Assessment Training

March 25: Holiday: No School

March 28: Progress Reports

March 29: Fourth Grade Writing and Fifth Grade Math STAAR/Closed Campus

March 30: Fifth Grade Reading STAAR/Closed Campus

March 31: No Staff Meeting

Extra Mile Reception 6:30 PM

April 1: Para Self Report Part 2 Due to Beth and Marie

Middle of the Year Staff Survey

Thank you to everyone who completed the MOY staff survey! Your feedback is critical to the success of Hurst Hills. Here are some of the results (If you put your name and requested private feedback I will set up a meeting with you)


  • After School Clubs
  • PTA and Teacher Appreciation Days
  • Watchdogs
  • You Matter!
  • 100% of staff responded that they believe in and support the campus mission!!
  • 99% of staff responded that they believe all students can learn. (There were some additional comments qualifying this related to discipline and a few comments regarding positive classroom culture)

Areas for Improvement: I appreciate the honesty and professionalism with which you all responded to this! I also want to share that many of you, while sometimes frustrated, stated that you believe in our campus and are willing to work together to overcome our challenges and improve in the areas of concern.

  • Safe and Orderly Learning Environment. Most everyone is in agreement that our Campus Wide Positive Discipline Plan is lacking. Marie and I will be working with Team Coordinators to create a written plan that is cohesive and all in one place as well as creating an action plan to address the concerns with the behavior plan.
  • Campus Culture and Climate with staff and students: several staff members mentioned that they become uncomfortable if team members talk about team mates negatively and how this negatively impacts the staff as a team. (undermines trust) We will also discuss and plan for how to increase positive interactions and team building with team coordinators.

I will share more from the MOY surveys in the next newsletter!


Please ensure both beginning AND official attendance are entered everyday in their designated windows.

As of Wednesday, we had 345 beginning attendance entries where nothing was entered for official attendance. 83 of these entries were for unexcused absences.

When attendance data is pulled, it comes from official attendance. Therefore, many of these students have not received warning letters or phone calls regarding their attendance.

It is the homeroom teacher's responsibility to ensure attendance is taken at both times daily. This is a compliance concern and can impact funding!

Club Pictures: February 29 in the cafeteria

Liz Moore will be taking club photos for the yearbook on Monday, February 29th in the cafeteria.

Laurie will call on the intercom when each group needs to come down.

Please have your club students write in their MOOSE if they need to wear a special shirt that day.

CI Rubric Guidelines

District Goal 2.1 D 100% of classrooms will demonstrate proficiency in the use of a systems approach to continuous improvement.

Process Steps and Timeline

Teachers complete the rubric. 2015-2016 Continuous Improvement Classroom Criteria results are shared with Principal/ Assistant Principal. Teacher keeps a copy. Rubric is attached to this newsletter email. Rubric must be completed by March 4.

The following criteria is utilized for determining proficient teachers.

  • 80% - 31 of the 39 Indicators marked at proficient or above
  • None of the 39 indicators marked “Not Yet"'
  • Item 7: Student Performance Results is based upon TEA campus rating from prior year that also appear on PDAS Domain. Met Standard equals “Proficient.”
  • Data is collected for all teachers, however, teachers in their first year in HEB ISD will not have their data reported.

Advanced Level CI and Demonstration Classroom Information

District Goal 2.1 E 10% or more of classrooms will earn the distinction of Demonstration Classroom

Advanced Level Continuous Improvement Classroom

If a teacher scores Advanced in 5 of Item 1-6 and Met Standard for Item 7, they may qualify for the Advanced Level.

  • Principal completes the Principal Rating: Continuous Improvement Classroom Criteria Items 1-7.
  • Scoring for Advanced Level rating = 5 Item Sections in Items 1-6 have to be Advanced and Item 7 has to be Proficient.
  • The Advanced Level CI Classroom is celebrated at the campus level.

Demonstration Classroom Process

Teachers who have achieved the Advanced Level CI Classroom may be nominated as a candidate for a Demonstration Classroom. Principals send a list of names to the Quality Learning Department by March 4, 2016.

  • Candidates will attend a meeting on March 9 or March 23 for information on the process. The meeting will include information and access to their Demonstration Classroom online course for the collection of artifacts – pictures, video, etc which will replace the Quality Learning Classroom visits; clarification on Item 7: Performance Data; and the timeline for completion.
  • All applications will be completed by June 22, 2016.
  • Announcement and Celebration of 2015-2016 CI Demonstration Classrooms will be in September 2016.

Employee Banquet Time!

The 2016 Employee Banquet is scheduled for April 22, 2016, 7:00 p.m. at the Hurst Conference Center, 1601 Campus Drive in Hurst.

Retirees and Teachers of the Year will receive two complimentary tickets. Employees receiving 10 plus years service pins will be given one complimentary ticket.

If you would like to attend the 2016 Employee Banquet, Beth will cover the cost of your ticket. If you would like to bring guests, the tickets will be $10 each. (All tickets will be ordered by Laurie. Turn all money in to her.

You must notify Laurie and turn in money for guests by March 20 if you will attend. If you would like a vegetarian meal you must notify Laurie by April 14th.

The banquet is always a fun time to honor our Teacher of the Year- this year it is Terrilin Holz- staff who have earned service to HEB pins, and retirees.

I would love for everyone to come!

Custodial Requests

Remember: Your classroom is cleaned every other day.

On your off day you should empty your trash into the large can in your pod area.

On your cleaning days, desks will be sanitized if they are clear of all items. Desks with supplies or books can not be cleaned. (Stacked chairs are fine)

On your cleaning days, please have students ensure all supplies and large trash are picked up from the floor. Supplies left on the floor will be swept into the trash.

Do not overfill trash with heavy items. If you have bulky or heavy items to be removed, please have them clearly marked and set near the trash but not in the bin.

Thank you from Nona and Angel for your assistance!


We will host Primary Election Voting for both parties on March 1st. This will be larger than our usual voting events.

The main hallway will be closed between the conference room and the First/Second grade cafeteria entrance. All Voters will enter through the front doors. Please remind students not to open doors, gates, etc. to adults. (Even of they work here!)

All travel must be through the cafeteria that day.

Staff should be particularly vigilant of visitors stickers. We do not provide public restroom facilities so NO VOTERS SHOULD EVER BE PAST THE DESIGNATED VOTING AREA.

Do not send student's unsupervised to the front door of the building for nurse or restroom access at recess. Use your walkie to call someone to open the door if a student needs to enter for the nurse or restroom at recess.


I wanted to let you know what the current projections are for staff in the 2016-2017 school year. This is a best guess and is subject to change

No change to the number of SpEd, GT, ESL, Dyslexia, Fine Arts, CKPK, Library

Here is where it gets a little dicey, but I know you are all thinking ahead and would like to think on next year's positions:

Plus one part time interventionist in Math

Plus one Instructional Specialist

Plus one F/T General Education Para

4 in Kinder

4 in First

3 in Second (Will be departmentalized next year. This is a big change!)

3 in Third

4 in Fourth

3 in Fifth

4 in Sixth

I have attached a Teacher Interest form to this email. If you want to give me additional information on your areas of interest please fill it out and place in my box by March 1.

Please be mindful to include FACI students in all grade level communications.

For example, include the FACI students on lists you send home related to parties. They should have been on a GenEd homeroom list for Valentine's day etc.

Send their SpEd teacher any notes, newsletters, field trip info that go home with gen ed students.

We are working out the kinks, but moving in the right direction with our FACI program!

Staff Transfer Window Open Now through March 21.

Print the form if you are interested in a transfer.

Fill it out and bring it to Beth to sign.

Remember, it is the teacher's requesting the transfer responsibility to take the form to HR by the deadline.

I love working with you, but I also understand that we all have different professional and personal needs that sometimes require a change. Please don't feel bad about coming to talk to me about the possibility of transferring.

If you have a school age child and you are interested in having them attend school where you work or close by, apply for a student transfer as well. You can always turn it down later, but it is much harder to get a late student transfer.

I will be meeting with all teams over the next few weeks to fill you in on the projected plans for the school. (number of teachers per grade level, subject distribution, etc.) I want you all to feel like you have as much information as possible when making this decision.

Staff Attendance Third Six Weeks

Thank you to our staff with perfect attendance! There will be a drawing at the next staff meeting for perfect attendance for the First Semester and perfect attendance Third Six Weeks!

Third Six Weeks Data

Goal: 97%

Actual: 95%

Yearly Average so far: 96.1%

District Average: 96.5%

Breakdown in actual numbers

Sickness Self: HHE 35 / District Average 27.6

Sickness Family: HHE 25.5 / District Average 14

Bereavement: HHE 12 / District Average 6.5

Personal: HHE 14 / District Average 13.7

Total HHE 87.5 / District Average: 60.3

Our goal is still within reach! I know we have had quite a bit of illness recently. I have asked custodial to do a deep cleaning. If there is anything you need related to cleaning or if you have any ideas to help maintain a healthy work environment please report to Laurie!

These numbers do not include any absences that fall under FMLA as long as the employee contacted HR about their absence.

If you have been absent 5 or more times this year for sickness self or family, that do not meet the FMLA guidelines, Laurie will be asking you to provide a doctor's note for any additional absences this year for documentation purposes.

I understand and am never mad when you are sick! I want you healthy when you are here. Your attendance impacts student learning and sets a standard for students to be here too!

Open! Open! Open!

The building will be open Saturday and Sunday from 9-5. Remember to look for the smiley face on the door so you know you can enter. Please sign in and out in the office.

Student Transfers

If you would like to transfer your student within the district, the transfer window begins January 4, 2016 and ends February 29, 2016.

For more information, read the Transfer Q&A for the 2016-17 School Year

Tech Tip

The new link to get to TAC from home is http://www2.hebisd.edu/waplinks.

Choose Teacher Access Center.

You will enter your HEB username and password (just as you do for TAC at school).

After that authenticates, you will be asked to login to your TAC account again.

If you have not updated your link for TAC from home, please do so. Also, if you have issues with logging into TAC from home, please address those issues to your campus help account and give as much detail as possible.

Homework Helpers

Please remember to send home permission forms for Homework Helpers with students who would like to stay or those you think need to stay for various reasons. They are located in the workroom on the big table.

We are in need of volunteers for upper grades...so if you have not signed up (even for just one or two slots this year) please be a fabulous falcon, and help us out.:)

Big image

Extra Mile Nominees to be Recognized March 31

Hurst Hills is proud to announce three of our falcon staff members who will be recognized at the HEB ISD Extra Mile Award ceremony March 31 at the BCTEA. The Extra Mile Awards recognize auxiliary and paraprofessional staff who go above and beyond their position requirements to contribute to the success of the campuses they work with. Our three nominees really model what it means to be a Falcon!

Whitney Anderson: Upper Grade FACI Assistant

Pam McKenna: CKPK Assistant
Tara Patel: Cafeteria Manager

Thank you for all you do to make Hurst Hills a great place to learn and work!

Staff to Staff Kudos!

Kudos to Pam McKenna! She always goes above and beyond for not only Pre-K and Kinder students but the whole school. She is so kind and compassionate and always willing to pitch in at any time. We appreciate your dedication Pam!

~From Pre-K and Kinder

Kudos to FA/PE who did a wonderful job showing off the talents of our Falcon students at the Cruising the Continents event!

You Matter forms are in the teacher workroom. Recognize your peers on the wall in the lounge!

I know that you all observe staff members going above and beyond on a daily basis to support students, fellow staff members, and the overall success of Hurst Hills. Please send in Kudos as you see them so that staff can be recognized for the things they do from day to day that make a difference. I would also love to share personal celebrations! Email your recognitions to Beth by Friday to be added to the weekly notes! If Beth uses your submission or you are the subject of a celebration, stop by the office for a special treat!