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The Monarch Waystation

We are currently building a 600 sqaure foot Monarch Waystation Garden. In order to conserve and protect the Monarch Habitat, we are establishing a pollinator habitat garden to help bring awareness about the Monarch butterfly population decline. We will also be addressing Florida water conservation issues, Florida friendly yards, waste management, natural pest control, composting and urban farming topics. Our garden will serve as an outdoor education area where homeschoolers will have access to and explore environmental topics through the arts.

The garden lay out

Lorna Bravo

We have partnered with Lorna Bravo, an amazing Art/Environmental Youth Teacher and Florida Master Gardener to build this waystation. Lorna has impacted the homeschooling community for the past 3 years by teaching art and exposing the youth to the concepts of recycling, reusing, and rethinking our natural resources. She explores concepts and elements of art and design as a platform to a greener Earth.


The butterfly garden will be following basic Florida butterfly garden requirements from the Monarch Watch Program. We will be working in getting the garden certified as a Monarch Waystation garden. We will be carefully selecting butterfly plants to attract the native Florida butterflies, provide milkweed plants for Monarch butterflies while addressing water requirements along with long term maintenance procedures. Although we currently have a small grassroot grant of $500 that is helping us get the project off the ground, we are still short of the overall project cost.

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