Analog vs. Digital Signals

By Abby Chrystal

Examples of analog technology:

Analog technology is the opposite of digital. It includes everything in technology that doesn't break everything down into binary code (zeros and ones) to work. Some examples of analog technology are film cameras, tape recorders, record players, seismographs and many more. A film camera is analog because an image is captured on film that is coated with chemicals that reacts to light and is then developed using chemicals. Tape recorders use magnetic tape on reels to produce an analogy (similar) of the sounds that you originally heard (recorded). A record player uses a needle that glides over a record that contains grooves which causes the needle to vibrate. The vibrations are then sent to a speaker which converts them to sounds.

Examples of digital technology:

Digital technology is an electrical signal that is converted into a pattern of bits using binary code (a string of zeros and ones). Some examples of digital technology are computers, I-phones, tvs and a lot more.These are all digital technology because they all use binary code to transmit things like numbers and letters to show all the things you are seeing on the screen. For example the device you are looking at to read this transmits binary code then they are converted into letters and colors(pixels) that you see.

Differences between analog and digital signals:

The first difference is that Analog signals are continuous electrical messages, while digital signals use a series of values to represent information and are non-continuous.

The second difference between the two is that Analog signals have waves that are smooth and continuous, while digital signals have waves that are steps and squares.

The last/there'd difference is that the quality of analog signals goes down over time, whereas digital signals are more reliable.

Differences between analog and digital technologies:

The first difference is that Analog technology records waveforms as they are, whereas digital technology samples analog waveforms into a limited set of numbers and records them.The second difference is that Analog technology transmits signals that copy exactly what is heard/recorded onto the tape or record and picks up everything, including outside noise/interference. Digital technology transmits signals that are sent in binary code which does not allow for outside noise/interference.The third difference is that Analog technology requires one to listen to a whole song or you have to manually fast forward or rewind a tape or move the record needle in order to change songs. Digital technology allows you to access any part of a song and to change songs much more quickly and efficiently.

3 reasons why one (analog or digital) would be preferred over the other:

The first reason is that Digital is more appealing to consumers because it's easier to use, is faster and more portable. Analog is not as fast or portable and is more difficult to find.

The second reasoning is that Analog has better quality because it's recorded straight from the source you heard it from. Digital is stored and the data has been translated from its original source to a binary code which is non-continuous (has gaps).

The third reasoning is that Some analog technology items cost very little compared with digital items. For example, an iphone costs far more than a conventional analog phone (wired home phone).

I would choose a digital game the for new DIS game.

I would choose a digital game for the new DIS game because it's Easy to carry (portable) because it would be smaller than an analog game. Also it's a lot faster than a analog game. In an anolog game you would have to fast farmers to the exact place you where in the game if you leave and most of the time you will have to stop to see if it's the right spot, and most of the time it's never the right spot. As in digital if you leave a to go somewhere it saves where you are in the game, and you don't loses your spot so it leaves the trouble of going through a long proses on an anolog game. Also a digital game is more modern than a anolog so I would most likely know how to use it.