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May 11, 2016

3HM Geometry

Geometry is the focus in third grade honors math. Ask your student about angles, polygons, symmetry, and anything else! These students know their geometry.

Vocabulary is a big part of our geometry unit and students have practiced these words in many ways. They wrote books, played "Heads Up", and dressed up to use geometry vocabulary. They created the questions and then played Kahoot too.

Did you know they learned to program with Terrapin LOGO to draw polygons and angles? This has been a very interesting unit!

3HM Dress Up for Geometry


1. Algebra: 4th graders have learned to solve complex algebra equations using "hands on" Algebra pieces as well as the website Ask your student to explain how those work or better yet, try Solve me yourself. Both of these methods work to make solving Algebra equations very concrete. This is a good start as kids work from the concrete to the more abstract Algebra.

2. Estimation Station Project: If you noticed a group of very focused 4th grade math students taking pictures on the playground, you might not have realized they were creating estimation questions. Based on a weekly estimation game, they made up their own questions about lengths, heights, circumferences, and running speeds on our own Beebe playground. The results - a fabulous estimating activity for the 3rd grade honors math students to try. Ask your student!


1. Stock Market Game: It hasn't been a good month for the stock market and the fifth graders can tell you all about it. They are totally immersed in the stock market game, buying and selling stocks, as well as learning about diversification and risk. Everything is real about this simulation except for the play money. This game has exposed them to personal finance and economics, helping them to begin thinking about money in the world around them. It also fits very nicely with our target of data analysis.

2. Analyzing Kakooma Data: All year long we record the scores for our weekly Kakooma challenge on big charts in my classroom. Little did they realize that this information would be used in our data analysis unit. Students collaborated to compile the data on Google Sheets and then wrote questions that they could answer using that data. They have learned graphing with Histograms and Box and Whisker plots as well as interpretation of those graphs. Using real data makes this unit more meaningful to the kids, finding evidence to prove that they were better at Kakooma than 4HM and 3HM.

Numbers in the News

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