September 11, 2015


This was a fantastic week at Badger Middle School. We got a little more adjusted to our routines and schedules this week. We are impressed at how well everyone is doing. We hope you had a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend.

This week we saw a need to get organized and we hope to establish a normal routine for communication and for the students having the things they need for each class. This newsletter will contain information that you need from week to week. We hope you keep checking back here for information pertaining to your child.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us right away!


The following information may or may not apply to your child:

Spelling - Spelling words are bi-weekly. They will be written in your child's assignment notebook. We encourage your student to practice these every night. They get a lot of practice at school too.

Address & Phone Number - We will be practicing this skill every week and monitoring progress. We encourage your student to practice this at home. Another thing we noticed this week was that some students do not know their parents name. When asked, they reply Mom or Dad. In cases of emergencies, these things are important so we plan to practice these important skills weekly too.

Math - Students are on-task and participating in the math classes. We have our weekly routines pretty much established. We utilize a lot of small groups to help students master the concepts every week. If there is homework to do, you will see it written in their assignment notebooks. If you want extra home work for your child, please let us know.

Have a nice weekend!


Thank you to everyone who brought school supplies to the Resource Room. Periodically, we will request that your student bring more supplies or items to school. We do not have any requests as of now.

Please consider sending in some pictures or something your child might want to share in the newsletter.


Please email or print this out and return to school. Circle the words that apply.


permission to photograph my child in classroom settings and to use for the weekly Resource Room Community Newsletter.