Different Genres of Books

The genres of books in Kingsley's library

Library Books

This is all about the different books. Here are some different genres: Science fiction, Mystery fiction, Adventure fiction, Realistic fiction, Fantasy fiction, Survival fiction and Historical fiction. Some new books from 2013 in realistic fiction are stranded, Hold fast and 42: The true story of Jackie Robinson. Now there is only one book for science fiction is Pi in the sky. Also, in Adventure fiction there is Doll bones, House of secrets and , Treasure hunters. Another one in Fantasy fiction is Jinx and House of secrets. One book in Historical fiction is Bottom down. One book in Mystery fiction is Hold fast. Two books for Survival fiction is Spy camp and Stranded.

3 thins I like about Kingsley

1. The books here in our library.

2.I also like all of the technology here.

3.Another thing I like is the teachers & the students.

Thank You For Reading This!

Thank You for reading about all of the different kinds of books.