Nivethaashri Sundaramurthy

The Alternate Ending of Chapter One

My Alternate Ending - From Page 102

"Then he went to the table in the alcove, sat down, and took the diary out of the drawer" (Orwell 102). His mind stopped racing and he endeavored to regain his composure. He descended his pen upon the flaps of his diary and resolved to slowly plow through the muddled stratum of thoughts, layer by layer. Immediately, his mind resorted to project a screen play of the girl who had spotted him in the area of the proles. Jitters ran through the length of his body, uprighting all his hairs on the way. The same questions ushered themselves into Winston's mind. Why was she there? Why was she following him? He was pretty sure that he had not given anything away, save for the two minutes of Hate when he'd shared a brief glance with O' Brien...

A sudden shot rang through his mind and splintered his placid exterior. His pen froze upon the paper. Had she noticed? Had his eyes then betrayed him? Was he being suspected? That would explain her presence. She would not have come looking for him otherwise. Was he now in the midst of an amateur's investigation? Possibly so. At this realization, cracks spread across his heart. To be betrayed by the one he loved! He tried to blink out the possibility. While doing so, he noticed the jagged scribbles that he had embedded upon the paper. A new fear, fresh and renewed, had blossomed in his chest. He had confessed to the diary, which was as good as confessing to the Thoughtpolice! He inhaled deeply and eyed the speck of dust on the front cover of the diary. It had remained intact. He was safe. For now.

Winston's memory rewound, and he recalled back to when O' Brien had walked in with the black haired girl to the two minutes of Hate. Perhaps she was working for him. Or with him. Then again, it had been O' Brien who had whispered to him in a promising tone; the sentence "We shall meet in a place where there is no darkness" still rung in his ears. "He knew what he meant, or thought he knew...(I wish for the rest of the paragraph to be retained from here on)" (Orwell 103).