The Rise of the Aztecs

The Powerful Empire

The Great Empire

The Aztecs where really powerful even at the start! They took over land and made the people who lived on it pay! This made them very powerful really fast. They soon became a very powerful empire.
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The Rise

The Aztecs started building there empire in the early 1350's. They settled in about 1299 but still had not started building there empire. They went through many challenges on the way. The first one was that they got expelled off of there first land and had to move to new land. They where then given permission by the king of the Culhuacans whose name was Cocoxtli and where allowed to settle.

The King

The first kings name was Acamapichtli and was known as the first king in the Aztec's empire. He ruled for 19 years which was through 1376-1395. Huitzilihuitzli was the second king he ruled from 1395-1417 which is 22 years. Every new king that came and ruled over the Aztec's became even more powerful then the last because of how fast the empire was growing! The Aztecs where a true threat to other empires and villages.
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