1B Family Update

June 23, 2017

Dear Families

Dear Families,

We cannot believe this is our last 1B Rock Star update. It has been a wonderful year working with you and your children. They have grown and learned so much! Most importantly, they seemed to enjoy their first grade experience. Thank you for your support and helping make this a great year.

Amy Czaja and Kendra Thomas

Knowledgeable Student of the Week #1: Derby

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Derby loves to explore new concepts and ideas that are important to hear. Here are examples from her friends of how she is knowledgeable.

  • When we were doing Mardi Gras, Derby was very interested in it and shared her ideas and was excited.
  • When we were reading Jack and the Beanstalk, Derby shared her idea.
  • When we were reading Clementine, when we did a turn and talk she was thinking really hard.
  • At recess, she was very knowledgeable about the games and worked well with them.
  • Derby is knowledgeable by participating and asking questions and when she doesn't understand something, she asks what it means.
  • When she is sitting and the teacher asks her to stop playing with something, she tries her best to stop so that she can learn.

Knowledgeable Student of the Week #2: Max

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Max also exemplified being knowledgeable this month. Here are examples from his friends of how he is knowledgeable:

  • Whenever the teachers ask a question like "Why do you think...?" Max often raises his hand.
  • If a student doesn't understand something and the teacher asks a student to explain it in their words, Max likes to raise his hand.
  • When we're having math lessons, he is really interested in math.
  • If Max is ever silly, he tries to fix it when the teacher asks him and listen.
  • How Max is knowledgeable is he gives descriptions of words and it puts a picture in my mind.
  • Max is knowledgeable because every time me and him are partners in writing, we both help each other and he makes sure there are no mistakes in my writing.

Classroom Photos

Our Last Math Block

We traveled to Ancient Mexico City

Field Day at Brooklyn Bridge Park

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