30 in 30 Council Rock Addition

With Brandon Lutz

Welcome to 30 in 30

30 in 30 is a fast paced presentation where we will go over 30 web tools in 30 minutes. Because it is so fast, we have shared a cheat sheet below. We strongly suggest you download that and follow along. It will provide you with the link and name of the site on the order it will be presented. So sit back and get ready!

Task #1: Download the 30 in 30 cheat sheet

Task #2: Prepare yourself for a fast infusion of web tools for your classroom!

Presentation Link

Please see the link below of today's presentation, this will be available for a week after the presentation. It is a large file, but it is the whole presentation we covered today.

30 in 30 Council Rock Keynote

30 in 30 Reflection

Please take a moment and tell us what you thought about 30 in 30.

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