You can make it happen with the Memorial Day Sale!

Team! We have 6 days to make it happen! I am believing you can get qualified this month! $500 in sales means $125 for YOU! That's money for new shoes, kids camp, etc.

Why do I believe you can do it? Because you are amazing and stella & dot has given us an awesome Memorial Day sale! IF YOU WANT to, you can make it happen!

Be in it to WIN! Every Sale Counts

Are you ready? Make a list of your biggest customers or if you are new your who to you know list.

Write your list and check it twice! I have a challenge for everyone!

Sell $500 between now and Monday to be entered to get a prize from our new line launch release! (1 winner)

For every $100 you sell between now and Monday you will be entered to win a surprise!

(3 prizes)!

Ideas to MAX our Memorial Weekend!

What if you picked 1-2 ideas here and ran with it?!

Think of what that would do for your month end payout!

1. Take a tote of jewels in your purse when you head out to your BBQ's with your friends and family! When you get complimented, mention the sale, and let them know you happen to have a few pieces in your purse for them to peek at!

2. Traveling? Take a tote of jewels with you wherever you are headed. Share with your friends, aunts, mom, etc!

3. Send a personal, and scrappy, email to ALL your customers about the sale. Include a few of your favorite pieces! It makes it more personal to come from YOU! Remind everyone about Birthday & Teacher gifts! Travel bags for summer too!

4. Make a list of your bargain shoppers and call them! Who shops your sample sale every time? Who shops the fan sales?

5. Home for the holiday? Host your OWN Summer "pop up shop"!! Has it been a while since you hosted?

"Red, White & Bling!" or "Family & Fashion!"

6. Make a list of your past Dot Dollar Customers, and call them! G o into your orders, and search from Nov. 15-Dec. 15. These are the ones that earned Dot Dollars, and would LOVE to do it again!

7. Post your favorite pieces on social media!

8. T ext some of your BFF's who you would let know if you found a great sale at Nordstrom!!! (they will LOVE you!)

New Stylist this is for you!

Are you a fairly new stylist still building a client base? Let's reach out and offer #stelladotstyle to your first time purchasers. Try a personal message via text or FB messenger with something like, "are you ready for your first Stella & Dot for a steal? I think this would make a great first piece of for you! You will find it to be your go to Summer style, want me to order it for you before it sells out?" Pick a great photo and add your personal touch to the message.

Words to Say to recent Trunk Show Guest

I am spending the time right now emailing these EXACT WTS to ALL customers invited to my recent t.shows. Doing it show by show. I just cut / paste emails for those invited and tailor it to each show and I am offering free shipping as a nice courtesy - that's totally up to you! LET'S DO IT ! EFFORTS OUT = RESULTS IN!

WTS: 1

A email in Evernote: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s269/sh/f179351d-ebf6-45d1-9ab4-aaa8b0eb70d2/503fd787697fe6c7

WTS: 2
Hi Ladies - Just alerting you about S&D’s incredible Memorial Wknd SALE just announced this morning! Truly some of our BEST sellers at amazing discounted prices, but they get snatched up FAST and then “gone for good" before our Fall Collection arrives soon. :) Some of you admired these sale items at the show so now you can snatch up at a great discount!

- BE SURE to click HERE to see all SALE items: http://www.stelladot.com/shop/en_us/sale/sale-all?s=zandra
- You can still SHOP SUZY’S SHOW at: http://www.stelladot.com/ts/n4tf6

PLUS - we have new T. Show Exclusives - see attached visual.

When you add more than $50 in items to your cart - these items below are $50 OFF! And that Green Getaway bag and Palm Clutch are two of my BEST sellers! THINK TEACHER GIFTS / BIRTHDAYS or new looks for YOU!

Let me know if you have any questions,

Buffie Jubard

Director & Founding Leader