Persevering People


My definition of perseverance is, never giving up no matter how big the adversity is.

Perseverance in Nepal

When an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 hit Nepal on April 29th, 2015, thousands of people were left homeless. The earthquake separated many people from their families and many important resources that they needed to survive. Survivors of this disaster were noble and helped other survivors live safely. They gave their already small amounts of food to people in need. The people all lived in tents in a big field to avoid getting injured. Every day their resources become lower and lower until they have to find a way to get knew ones and to find a new home
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The aftermath of the Nepal earthquake.

Ashes of Roses

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Jackie Robinson's Perseverance

When Jackie Robinson became a professional baseball player in 1947, he had to learn how to fight many adversities. Shortly after he was revealed to be playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Robinson and his team got many complains because people thought that no colored people should be able to play baseball professionally. After Robinson heard these remarks he tried not to be combative and ignored what people said about him. After he retired Robinson went to many people and places to speak out about racial injustice and used his own story as proof. Now Jackie Robinson is one of the most well-known baseball players and everyone knows his name, and his story.
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Jackie Robinson

Venn Diagram

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Pizza and Perseverance

Tom Monaghan had a dream to open the best pizzeria in the country. Still, every time he tried to add something to his business, Domino's, he either went bankrupt or nobody would buy his pizzas. However Tom thought of many solutions to all the problems he had with Domino's. To make more people buy his pizzas, he made them out of top grade ingredients and fresh dough. He also opened over a dozen Domino's stores across the USA. He also hired new management and paid off all his debts. Domino's is now one of the most successful and popular pizza Tom Monaghan's sense of conviction.
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The logo of Tom's pizza chain, Domino's


From other peoples perseverance, we can learn many things. We can learn how everything is worth trying for no matter how hard it is to do. We also can learn how trying to reach a goal in your life can make big changes for you and others around you.