by: Desi Fuelberth

3 Common Types of Dance

1. Hip Hop

2. Tap

3. Jazz

Hip Hop

-began in NYC in late 1960's and early 70's

-inspired by robots from movies

-"popping and locking" were the first moves

-first only guys did it, then girls joined in

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-originated in the USA

-2 types

-rhythm (jazz) tap

-Broadway tap

-originated in early 1800's

-didn't become popular until 1920's

-mixture of clogging and Irish step dancing

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-originated in late 1800's early 1900's

-started in New Orleans

-at first went along with jazz music

-fast with lots of technique

-"cousins" with lyrical and musical theatre

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3 Famous Dancers

1. Martha Graham

2. Greg Hines

3. Michael Jackson

Martha Graham

-born May 11, 1894 in Pittsburgh, PA

-studied dance in Los Angeles

-in 1926 she opened her own dance studio in New York City

-she danced into her late 70's

-she choreographed until her death

-died in 1991

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Greg Hines

-born in New York City in 1946

-studied dance at the Apollo Theater

-launched a Broadway career in 1970s

-dancer, actor, director, musician

-died of cancer in 2003

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Michael Jackson

-born in Gary, Indiana in 1958

-joined Jackson 5 at 5 years old

-launched a solo career at 13 years old

-known as the king of pop

-died June 25, 2009 from cardiac arrest

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How it Relates to Sociology

All cultures dance and it brings people together.