Physical Change

By Victoria Biordi and Julianna Vitucci 601

It's meaning,

A physical change is when a material keeps its identity. Also, when a substance can go from a solid to liquid, a liquid to gas, a gas to liquid, a liquid to a solid, a solid to a gas, or a gas to a solid. Examples of physical changes: 1. Ice melting involves a change from a solid to a liquid and substances maintain the properties of water because the molecules never change. Here are some examples of a physical change,
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An experiment to show physical change

To a show a physical change we decided to melt chocolate. This is a physical change because it is changing the state of matter from a solid to a liquid.
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This is the chocolate before any experimental steps

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This is the second step which is putting the chocolate in the microwave to change its identity

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This is the final step which shows the chocolate all melted and mostly a liquid state of matter

Further information,

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