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January 2017 Edition

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January's M-Powerment Strategy: Differentiation and Personalization

What does this look like in MGSD? Teachers...
  • Use guided reading and math groups to meet students where they are
  • Provide lesson content in multiple modes, multiple times (video, kinesthetic, audio, visual, etc.)
  • Survey students to determine their learning styles and plan lessons/groups based on results
  • Use digital resources that personalize instruction (TenMarks, Newsela, Raz Kids, iReady, etc.)
  • Incorporate elements of choice and student voice in learning activities
  • Regroup often (as needed) to meet individual needs
  • Collaborate with parents to get to know a student's preferred and successful learning methods
  • Use choice boards for projects and assignments
  • Incorporate school specialists and instructional assistants to provide more 1:1 learning
  • Use stations and small groups to allow for more choice
  • Follow and understand IEPs to provide scaffolded support for learners
  • Provide tiered instructional resources (leveled readings, Blendspaces with different resources, etc.)
  • Plan enrichment and early finisher activities

Required 2nd Nine week PD> DUE SOON

This PD Centers around providing a rigorous curriculum for students. Everyone has signed up for what "Flipped" activity they want to pursue, so please let Tara know if you need help or have questions.

DUE JANUARY 20! Please Submit to Tara by then for credit.

Need Additional PD Credits?

Share on our EMIS padlet what kinds of things you are doing relating to the M-Powerment Strategies. Remember, participating in the padlet post every month can earn you a PD CEU! Need more information about this- just ask!

Helpful Resource: Instructional Strategy Cheat sheet

I am constantly asked for a strategy or way to engage students (Either SOS or Kagan). I put together this list of easy to implement strategies so you can easily pull ideas and build engaging lessons. If you haven't looked at it yet (You had a hard copy in your box), please check it out.
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What's new in EduTech?

New Year, New You

What are you doing to improve yourself in the new year? Check out the links for ideas on self improvement and resolutions, then share your resolutions on the Padlet board below to help hold yourself accountable.

Relax a little and check out the "Humor" Below!

Funny video about a world without mobile technology (email, twitter, FB, smart phones, etc.)
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Enjoy the Snow Day coming Saturday! Spend time with the family and relax!