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School updates and information

Dates to remember

4/24 Title I input meeting 5pm PTA meeting to elect new officers 5:30pm

4/25 Administrative professionals day

4/30 GMAS spirit week details TBA

5/2 Georgia Milestones begins

5/18 Kindergarten honors program

5/21 First grade honors program

5/21 Kindergarten round up

5/22 Second grade honors program

5/22 Volunteer breakfast

5/23 Third grade honors program

5/24 Fourth grade honors program

5/25 Fifth grade honors program

5/28 Memorial Day holiday

5/29 Last day of school

School Procedures

Our school hours are 8:00 am-3:15 pm

Student checkout ends at 2:45 for safety

All visitors sign in and receive a visitor's pass

Have ID ready when entering the school

Breakfast is 7:45 am. Students may not be dropped off prior to 7:45

All car-riders dismiss through the car-line.

The side entrance is for buses ad daycare vans

We welcome you to SRES! We welcome your feedback and want to hear your compliments and concerns. There is a special form on our school webpage just for you, If you come to meet with one of us without an appointment, please understand we may be in a conference, training, or parent meeting already scheduled. Also, we are supervising staff and students during take in (8:00-8:30) and during dismissal (3:00-3:45) daily. Please contact office staff to schedule an appointment to meet with your child's teacher or an administrator.

Citizens of the Month

Congratulations to our Citizens of the Month for March

Pre-K : Jacob Ross, Aiden Abney, O'Neil Young

Kindergarten: Bentley McKie, Aiden Sapp, Destini Clanton, Cayden Jones, Ra'Kyrius Morton, Ma'Ken Johnson, Kaileb Marshall

First grade: Nico Saucida, Ethan Boucher, Jayden Byrd, Javious Byrd, Ollie Taylor, Jada Mayers

Second grade: De'Miya Hill, Arthur Slater, Janiya Nealous, Vivian Nyguen, Ke'Maya Richardson, Cathy Cao

Third grade: Erynn Peterson, Aniyah Leath, Ama Danko, Malachi Gilbert, Aryon Satterwhite, Jeremy Rivera

Fourth grade: Mailee Bell, Jacob Brown, Nathaniel Dixon

Fifth grade: Chelsy Vaidovinos, Jordan Holmes, Akira Green

Stem & I-prep: Timonni Ruffin, Kennedy Albea, Landen Burkhalter, Kamaya Mallard, Jonathan McKenzie, Darryl Gibson


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Principal's news

We value your input on the topics and information you would like to receive. How can we help you? Do you have any special skills? We could use your help with sharing the good news we have going on at SRES and welcome your input. Contact one of our admin team through the link below if you would like to volunteer or have something you would like to share. We also have a web form our school webpage "concerns and compliments" to let us know about your expertise. Feel free to give us feedback on how we can improve.
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