Planes Spell Doom for Naval Vessels in the Pacific Campaign

Summary of Event

These planes were meant to fly high altitudes and dive at steep angles for precise aim. They usually dive directly at ships anywhere from 45 to 75 degrees. The first dive bomber was made in 1943 and was known as the glide bomber.


The people who made the Vultee is the Vultee aircraft company. They were made to dive at its target to make it a positive hit. The first dive bomber plane was made in 1943 and was known as a glide bomber.

The dive bombers were first used in the Battle of Midway to destroy the first ships seen. They were used to destroy and ships or boats that were near their land. They were used to destroy naval ships so they wouldn't get close their territory. The way that the dive bomber planes were significant was because they could dip down to get better accuracy on the target.


"Every decade, someone indignantly tells us that the United States and Britain should have bombed the rail lines at Auschwitz and other death camps during World War II. They imagine modern GPS-guided bombs that are accurate enough to enter a window. They think World War II bombs had the same accuracy."


  • Dive bombers were constructed starting in 1943.
  • Dive bombers can reach speeds of 340 km/hour (212 mph).
  • Dive bombers hold up to 735kg.
  • They have aV12 engine with about 1640 horse power.


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