American Education during the 1970s

By Manuel, Avery, Quentin

Main points

Unemployment increased

More women in work force

Divorce and single parents increased

America was changing

Joining of two languages Spanish and English

Desegregation and busing

Neighborhood schools tended to be divided by race

Minority population schools lacked up to date material

Long bus rides to school outside of neighborhoods

Bilingual education

Joining of two schools in Texas Spanish and English

All students were taught both languages

Basic English language classes were provided

Gender equality

Equal opportunities when education act was passed

It banned discrimination bused on gender in all programs and activities receiving federal funds

Children with disabilities

Education for all handicapped children act was passed

Free public education for children with disabilities

Education must be appropriate


1971-VCRs are introduced

1972-pocket calulators are introduced

1973-U.S Vice President resigns, end of Vietnam war

1974-U.S president Nixon resigns, new U.S president Gerald Ford

1975-Microsoft founded, last Apollo mission