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Louis Pasteur gets a new laboratory named after him!

Exciting News For People Who Are Bored and Have Nothing Else to Do :D

Today a not so well known, dead scientist gets recognized for his work that is life-changing for he world we know today! On this very day, April 14, 2014, Louis Pasteur gets a laboratory named after him! Even though he has about 30 other honors,this one still counts as a valuable monument for his hard work and years of studies!


About Louis Pasteur

  • invented the basic form of the modern form of vaccines we know today
  • developed vaccines against anthrax and rabies
  • spent 5 years of his life researching information about silk worms and saved the silk industry during a time of need using a method (this method is still used today in the silk industry)
  • discovered the existence of molecular asymmetry, the foundation of stereo-chemistry
  • proved the theory of spontaneous generation wrong

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