By: Tzuleigh Phillips

How does water enter a plant and get to the leaves??

Water enters a plant through the plants roots

How does CO2 enter a leaf??

Through water and sunlight

Where does photosynthesis occur in the plant??

In the chloroplasts

Why is sunlight important to the process of photosynthesis??

Because without sunlight the plant would shrivel up and die

What is a waste product for the plant and how is it removed from the plant??

The plants waste produce is oxygen and the plant releases it into the air

What does the plant do with the sugar it makes??

It becomes food for the plant

What are the final products of photosynthesis and how are the important to life on this planet??

The final products are oxygen and glucose. They are important because without oxygen and glucose we wouldn't be able to breath or have energy
Photosynthesis: Crash Course Biology #8