The Year of the Knight


A Knight is on the Move after rapping 5 women after a party at the Canterbury.

"Breaking News" shocked the King and Queen of England of a Knight who was assaulted for rapping 5 women after a party at the Canterbury. "He was attending the party late last night" a witness says and after this The Knight scurried away into the night. The Knight is sentenced to court for his actions immediately. If there is any sign of The Knight, please let the King and Queen know as soon as possible. Who ever finds The Knight or has any information on his location should be rewarded. "THE KING WILL DECIDE HIS PUNISHMENT"

The Knight "Found"

The Knight was found drunk 3 days later after the incident of the party. He was turned in immediately by an Old Woman for his actions and was sentenced to court at once. The Old Woman was undecided on what she wanted her reward to be. The King and Queen gave her a whole year to figure out what she wanted at court. However, The Knight was sent to jail.
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COURT(A Year Later)

The 5 young ladies declared that The Knight should be in jail for life or sentence to death. The King was undecided on what to do so he let The Queen take charge of the case. The Queen says "after a lot of thinking that the Elderly Woman should decide his fate. The Old Lady says that she would marry The Knight instead of him being killed or be in jail any longer. The Queen approved her decision.

Court House Location

Friday, January 1, 11:00am